Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund for Tribal Governments

This information can all be found on the US Dept. of the Treasury Website. We have reviewed all of this information to help you with the grant process. Download our Guide.
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Capital Projects FundThe Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund provides Tribal governments with access to funding to invest in capital projects to aid their response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.  Visit the Fund Website

Approximately $167,000 has been allocated to each federally recognized Tribal government.


Our Kiosks are eligible to be purchased with the US Department of Treasury Capital Projects Fund grant.


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1. What You Need to Know

The Capital Projects Fund aims to enable investments in capital assets designed to address inequities in access to critical services. 

Digital Connectivity Technology Projects: the purchase or installation of devices and equipment, such as laptops, tablets, desktop personal computers, and public Wi-Fi equipment, to facilitate broadband internet access for communities where affordability is a barrier to broadband adoption and use.”

Completing the Application 

Tribal governments must apply through the Capital Projects Fund application portal. For Tribal governments, the application process consists of several parts:

  • Register for  (30 minutes)
  • Apply for the CPF program by completing an application using the online portal. (2 hours) 
  • Certify the application. This must be done by a Tribal leader (or similar), or by an authorized representative who is duly designated in writing by the Tribal leader (or similar).  

All applications must be completed no later than August 15, 2022 

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Our Customers

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2. Products That Meet Requirements 

    The Aegis Desk

    The Aegis Desk is for when your customers require longer interactions.

    This self-service station affords users comfort as well as the tools to get more done and comes fully assembled with 32-inch monitor, scanner, printer, chair, keyboard, and a vision-impaired input device.

    The desk is tamper-proof, with all switches, wires, and ports under lock and key.  Standard uses include:


    • General Internet access
    • Scanning and sending documents
    • Video conferencing 
    • Filling out Documents
    • Printing Documents

    The Aegis Booth

    The Aegis Booth does everything that the Aegis Desk does, but in a controlled private environment for when your kiosk functionality requires privacy.

    The Aegis Booth has a HEPA air filtration system and a Human Safe sanitation light for killing germs. The front glass wall includes Smart Glass that goes opaque when someone goes into the kiosk and closes the door. This self-service station is perfect for Telehealth, Banking, and secure video conferencing.  Standard uses include:


    • General Internet access
    • Scanning and sending documents
    • Video conferencing 
    • Filling out Documents
    • Printing Documents

    The Document Kiosk

    The Document Kiosk is for when your customers need to get a lot done in a small area. This self-service station affords users the tools to get more done all in a secure environment.


    • General Internet access
    • Scanning and sending documents
    • Filling out Documents
    • Printing Documents
    • VOIP Phone calls
    • Emails

    3. Get Started 

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        A. Click here to create your free personal account.

        The person who represents the Tribal Government will need to create a ID.ME account. The first part of this will take about 10-20 minutes. This is personal account and not to be shared with anyone else. You will need to be able to access your email to prove that it is your email account. Also remember to write down your password and keep it in a safe place. If you already have a account you can skip this step. will request a verification method. This is to ensure that the person signing up for the county is an authorized representative. You will have to provide either a photo of your drivers’ license and social security number or a photo of your passport and social security number. This process is to verify your identity. You may be asked to provide additional documents in order to verify your identity and may have to speak with a “referee” by video conference or telephone in order to physically inspect your documents and verify your identity.

        B. Click here to access the Capital Projects Fund portal and apply.

        The second step is to log into the United States Treasury website and finish the identity process and then fill out the Grant application. This will take about 45 min to an hour, it does not have to be done all at once, you can save your application and come back to it later. It must be done by August 15, 2022. Make sure you save any information you enter. To fully fill out the Grant application you need to be a Tribal Leader or an approved representative of the tribe.

        There are 6 sections to complete the application.

        • Finishing the to prove your identity
        • User Instructions
        • Application Information
        • Banking Information
        • Award Information
        • Certification and Submission

        You will need all of the following.

        1. A smart phone to confirm your identity
        2. Driver’s License or passport card
        3. Access to your email account.
        4. Your Social Security number
        5. Bank Account info for the Tribal Government to receive funds
        6. A description of the Equipment that will be purchased.
        7. A signed letter of designation from a Tribal Leader
        8. The email address of a Tribal Leader that can approve the Grant.

        If you would like assistance with securing your Capital Projects Funds, please call us at 603-865-1000.

        Disclaimer: Advanced Kiosks is not a consultant for grants or any other Government-related process. All information in this document is sourced directly from the United States Treasury website. We are not responsible or liable for the results of any grant application or any errors in the application process.