Self-Service Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk Machines

Interactive Self-Service Kiosk Machines

We offer interactive kiosk machines and solutions for every industry, ranging from ticketing to interpretation, printing, scanning, form fill, bill payment, and much more.

When combining a self service kiosk machine with self service applications and kiosk management software, the result is a complete self-service solution that leads to lower operational and labor costs and reduced demand on staff.

Establish a more efficient workplace and bring your industry into the 21st century with the best digital kiosk technology available.

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Airport Kiosk Machine

Airport Tower Machine

Head and shoulders above the crowd, the interactive Airport Kiosk is a sleek, stainless steel computer kiosk, trimmed with LED lights, and standing over 7 feet tall. This futuristic model is a real eye catcher and ideal for high traffic areas.

Aegis Desk Assisted Self Service

Aegis Desk

The Aegis Desk leverages cutting-edge technology as well as quality, comfort and security for when your kiosk functionality requires longer interactions. This self-service desk affords users the tools to get more done, and, like all our kiosks, is tamper proof - with all switches, wires, and ports under lock and key.

Aegis Booth

Aegis Booth

Combining the Aegis Desk with the optional Aegis Booth provides a clean, ADA-compliant and private environment for communication. The booth features noise cancelling technology, smart glass panels, and a sound-dampening enclosure provide added layers of privacy.

Countertop Computer Kiosk Machine


The Countertop Kiosk is a handy multi-touch, computer kiosk with a user-friendly adjustable monitor. Designed for businesses, hospitals, churches, and other industries where convenience is key and space might be limited.

Document Employee Kiosk Machine


If you are looking for a full self-service kiosk solution to maximize your HRMS investment, choose the Document Kiosk. An interactive HR Kiosk for employee self-service, housing self service, municipal buildings and much more.

Indoor Kiosk Machine - Large Screen Monolith

Indoor Monolith

The Monolith Kiosk, with its exceptionally large touch screen monitor, demands your customers' attention. With a 43" or 55" touch screen this interactive kiosk will increase your brand awareness by attracting new customers. Great for student self service apps on campus.

Kiosk Furniture Island Thumbnail


The Island Kiosk multi-user work station has a sleek modern design combining lacquered hardwood and brushed stainless steel. Combine up to four computer kiosks and two laser or thermal printers to deliver self service to colleges, libraries, hotels, government organizations, auto dealers and more.

Self Service Interactive Kiosk for your Lobby


The Lobby Kiosk brings a sleek, modern look and feel to any space. It features a brilliant 19” touchscreen monitor, a backlit metal keyboard with trackball, a monochrome laser printer and a host of other available options.

Merchant Max Touch Screen Kiosk

Merchant Max

Engineered with customer satisfaction as the primary objective, the Merchant Max Interactive Kiosk was designed to be the ultimate force multiplier for food service, retail, movie theaters, and other high traffic point of sale settings.

POS Kiosk Thumbnail Image

Multipurpose Machine

If you are looking for flexibility combined with elegance, our Multipurpose Kiosk has you covered. It is a natural fit for multiple industries and specializes in engaging customers. This kiosk is free standing or wall mounted.


Outdoor Enviro

This touch screen kiosk is a state-of-the-art, outdoor touch screen kiosk designed for extreme climates. Ideal for heavy foot traffic areas delivering information and wayfinding to visitors at businesses, parks or local attractions.

Outdoor information Kiosk Large Screen Monolith

Outdoor Monolith

A large touch screen kiosk that demands your customers’ attention. With 46″ and 55″ touch screen options, the Monolith Outdoor Information Kiosk increases your brand awareness by providing an inviting way to attract new customers.

Self Storage Kiosk

Outdoor Thru Wall

A durable, commercial grade, built-in kiosk that is easy to install and designed to provide users with 24 hour services. This model can be customized with a number of features and used to provide authorized gate or building access if desired.

Outdoor Kiosk with Printer

Outdoor Transit

A computer kiosk designed for high risk locations such as subway stations, outside in a city center, jail or corrections. Nothing can compare in quality, performance or durability to the Transit Kiosk. This can be configured for indoor or outdoor use.

Pedestal Kiosk Thumbnail Image


This impressive over sized touch screen kiosk enhances any lobby or interactive exhibit. With its 43” horizontal, touch screen monitor, this interactive kiosk makes a statement when providing information for visitors to your location.

Retail Wall Kiosk Thumbnail Image

Point of Sale

Innovation is key for retailers in traditional brick and mortar stores to maximize foot traffic. The Retail Kiosk is a functional, sleek, self service solution with a wall mounted design to save valuable floor space.

FreeStanding Kiosk Thumbnail Image


Elegant, distinct, sleek, and the perfect combination of form and function. With dozens of options and angled for superb user ergonomics, the Freestanding Touch Screen Kiosk is the most flexible, functional kiosk machine on the market today.

Self-Service Ticketing Kiosk


This touch screen kiosk makes it easy for your customers to quickly select, purchase and print tickets (or receipts) for entertainment such as movies, sporting events, concerts and amusement parks for food and beverage ordering, parking, name badges and more.

Wall Mounted Kiosk Machines

Wall Mounted Touch Screen Kiosk

The Compact Power Kiosk is a wall mounted, touch screen kiosk that is often selected for its superior value. Features a 17” LCD touch screen, amplified speakers, 16 gauge thick steel enclosure and a 2.9” depth. This is the only wall mounted kiosk on the market that is also ADA compliant.

Wall-Mounted Touchscreen Kiosk

Wall Mounted Touch Screen Display

With 22”, 32”, 42”, 55” or 65” touchscreen options, the Wall-Mounted Touchscreen Display can be a clean and simple installation for self-service or an immersive experience for your customers.


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