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The past several months have seen a flurry of activity here at Advanced Kiosks, with a variety of new products and updates to existing products being introduced. Here are just a few of the exciting changes happening at our Concord, N.H., facility, along with a glimpse of those working behind the scenes and a look at what the latest research into self-service technology is demonstrating.

Customer News

No-Power Wall Mounted Tablet Kiosk

Montgomery, AL Voter Registration

Montgomery Votes

In the past 3 years, a partnership of Montgomery County Probate office and Montgomery Public Schools in Alabama has procured 27 Freestanding Kiosks (powered by Zamok) and counting as part of a county-wide effort to engage young voters.

What Judge JC Love appreciates most about the eye-catching candy apple red kiosks is how versatile and mobile they are:

“One of the things that the schools can do is they can move it around, you know, to the cafeteria, if they wanted to do a voter registration drive there, or if the student government or cheerleaders or Spanish club, wanted to do a voter registration, right up before the basketball game, they can hold it down there.”

Their initial order as part of the pilot program in 2021 was for just 9 kiosks to analyze effectiveness, gauge public response and gather feedback.

Needless to say, the results have been promising as they have now returned to Advanced Kiosks twice more for 17 additional kiosks to place in schools and other public locations throughout Montgomery county.

No-Power Wall Mounted Tablet Kiosk

Prince William County Rolls Out Eleven Self-Service Kiosks

In an effort led by Circuit Court Clerk Jacqueline Smith and funded by Virginia Technology grants, the Circuit Court of Prince William County has rolled out 11 of Advanced Kiosks’ Office Extension 3.0 kiosks in order to increase public access to services.

The kiosks are located in several locations throughout the county (no longer just the courthouse) to accommodate the busy lifestyles of residents who are unable to visit the courthouse during restrictive office hours.

For more inspiration on how to streamline your operations with self-service technology, read our case study on this project.

No-Power Wall Mounted Tablet Kiosk

Western Ohio Regional Treatment & Habilitation Center

Located in Lima, Ohio, The WORTH Center is a community based correctional facility that is utilized as an alternative to the penal system. Their philosophy is to provide their 106 residents with the opportunity to change old behaviors and create new prosocial behaviors.

They reached out to Advanced Kiosks for a secure and convenient solution for their residents to access their treatment software program. After weighing some different hardware options, they chose to go with 4 Countertop Tablet kiosks and Zamok™ Kiosk Management software to control the User Interface and User Experience.

Another notable aspect of their project is their use of Kiosk FormFlow, a valuable addition to the latest Zamok feature upgrade. This feature streamlines the form filling and submission process, parsing out questions from complicated forms into a user-friendly webpage resulting in a vastly improved user experience.

The main factors at play were the fact that the tablet kiosks feature the same high level of security and functionality as many of our larger models, but are also more portable and convenient than a traditional standing model. The small but powerful kiosks will be a big part of their operation moving forward.

Botswana Power Corporation

Established in 1970, Botswana Power Corporation is the only electricity supplier in the entire country of Botswana. For those who are unfamiliar, Botswana is located in the center of South Africa, approximately 8,000 miles from the Advanced Kiosks factory in Concord, NH.

Botswana Power Corporation reached out looking for a convenient way for their 1,000+ employees to access their HR services. They already had a management software system in place, using SAP as their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Thus, it was integral to the project that the new solution they adopted would be able to work seamlessly with their existing software.

The Office Extension 3.0 proved to be the best solution on the market for their requirements, as they have purchased six kiosks to roll out throughout their facilities. The logistics of shipping six kiosks across the world has proven complicated, but no project is too difficult for Advanced Kiosks.

Pike County Probate Office

Easy Tag Renewal

The Pike County Probate Office has made tag renewal easier than ever with document kiosks.

Pike County, Ala., is home to more than 33,000 residents. As part of an effort to make government services easily available, the Pike County Probate Office recently deployed kiosks in two convenient locations where citizens can renew their license tags. They can either scan a barcode on a renewal notice or enter information by hand to renew tags, make updates, pay and print out registration paperwork, saving themselves a trip to the courthouse.

San Vincente Redwoods



Office Extension 3.0

Government Interface

Click above to see our Visual Workflow Guide and how Zamok controls the User Experience and Interface

New & Improved / No Additional Cost

Advanced Kiosks recently released Office Extension 3.0, a groundbreaking update to its popular self-service office management system. This update is in conjunction with a major update of Zamok 3.0., Advanced Kiosks’ proprietary kiosk management software.

Key features of Office Extension 3.0 that have been updated and added:

New Translation Capabilities: Users can instantly transform the interface into their choice of one of the hundreds of languages via a convenient dropdown menu. Web pages visited from the interface are automatically translated into the chosen language.


New & Improved Secure File Upload: Files can now be directly uploaded via scanning documents. This is a great feature when your customers need to upload a document.  Zamok will allow a scan to be substituted, walk the customer through a scan workflow, and then automatically upload the document.

Human Detection Technology: Built-in human detection technology can trigger custom workflows such as welcome videos, tutorials, check-in screens, and more.


Pedestal kiosk visitor management system

3rd Party Software Support

Yes, we support your third party software!

Property Management Software: These platforms help housing authorities manage their properties, track tenant information, handle rent payments, maintenance requests, and vacancies. Examples include Yardi, AppFolio, and Buildium.

Tenant Management Software: This type of software assists in managing tenant applications, screening, leasing, and communication. It often includes features for online rent payment and maintenance requests. Examples include TenantCloud and Rent Manager.

Document Management Software: Housing authorities deal with a significant amount of paperwork, including leases, applications, maintenance records, and compliance documentation. Document management software like DocuWare or SharePoint helps organize and store these documents digitally.

Compliance and Reporting Software: Housing authorities are subject to various regulations and reporting requirements. Software that assists in tracking compliance, generating necessary reports, and maintaining audit trails can be crucial. Examples include HappyCo and OnSiteIQ.

Pedestal kiosk visitor management system


RentCafe’s versatile software seamlessly interfaces with Zamok (Advanced Kiosks’ kiosk management software), enhancing the resident experience and streamlining property management tasks.

With its user-friendly interface, residents can conveniently pay rent, scan documents into file upload fields, submit maintenance requests, and access important documents directly from our kiosks. 

Some of the key features of RentCafe software that can be accessed via our Office Extension 3.0 solution include:

  • Online Leasing and Applications
  • Resident Portals
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Online Payments
  • Property Marketing
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Communication Tools
  • Document Scanning
  • Forms Management
  • Tenant Screening

Through the integration of RentCafe software, our kiosks provide a comprehensive solution that empowers residents while optimizing property management operations.

Hardware News

No-Power Wall Mounted Tablet Kiosk

The No-Power Kiosk

Requires no external power source!

Advanced Kiosks’ new No-Power Kiosk is a tablet kiosk that does not require 110 power. Instead, it draws electricity via an ethernet cable that serves as an all-in-one power source and Internet connection. The No-Power Kiosk is offered in both a wall-mounted or counter-based version, making it ideal for uses where space is tight and access to an electrical source is limited.

Because the No-Power Kiosk doesn’t require a power outlet, it opens the door to new possibilities for customer engagement or information dissemination. It can be easily moved around and placed in unconventional or remote locations such as temporary events, trade shows, conferences, or pop-up installations.

Advantages the No-Power kiosk offers include:

Portability: The tablet kiosk can be placed and moved anywhere, including areas without power outlets. This portability makes it ideal for trade shows, events, outdoor gatherings, and other temporary setups.

Flexibility: Since the kiosk is not tethered to an electrical outlet, it can be positioned at different angles and heights, adapting to the needs and preferences of users.

Accessible in Remote Areas: In situations where power infrastructure is limited or not available, a tablet kiosk with its own power source ensures that people in remote locations can still access information or services.

Pedestal kiosk visitor management system

New Pedestal Kiosk Design

We are thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our lineup – the revamped Pedestal Kiosk. This sleek touch screen kiosk promises to revolutionize lobbies, campuses, exhibits and open spaces, setting new standards for modernity and functionality.


At the heart of this innovation lies the striking 43” or 55″ touch screen monitor, which can be presented in landscape or portrait mode. It’s an expansive canvas that invites interaction and engagement. With its seamless integration of technology and design, the Pedestal Kiosk not only captures attention but also provides invaluable information to visitors in diverse settings. For those seeking our legacy pedestal design, that is still available with a screen size of 55′.

Read more


View information about our GSA Contract.

Company NEWS


Advanced Kiosks donates kiosks to k-12 schools

Multipurpose-kiosk-side-wilmot-interface-angleAdvanced Kiosks included a complimentary Multipurpose Kiosk with only the purchase of Zamok Premier, our proprietary kiosk management software.

Schools received all the features of Zamok, including a School Spirit or Visitor Management System interface! The freestanding self-service Multipurpose Kiosk is a natural fit for multiple industries and specializes in engaging users.

Kiosks on a public school campus can serve as information hubs, providing students, parents, and visitors with quick access to important announcements, schedules, event details, and school news…


Pedestal kiosk visitor management system

Onboarding vs. Customer Success

Benefits of Onboarding

A key benefit of working with Advanced Kiosks is its onboarding service, an essential offering that gets customers up and running quickly and helps deliver maximum results. Advanced Kiosks’ onboarding service includes everything needed to get your project deployed successfully. The onboarding specialist continually monitors the production timeline and schedules regular check-ins to keep your project running smoothly. The steps of onboarding are broken down to:

  • Kickoff
  • Setup and Training
  • Shipment and Installation
  • Online

The Onboarding process ends once the kiosks are delivered and brought online. But, our work doesn’t end there: the project transitions to the Customer Success phase, which consists of continual check-ins to ensure that the solution is being deployed effectively and the customer is satisfied with the results.


The solutions Advanced Kiosks provides can improve security, save time and costs, enhance efficiency, provide valuable data insights, project a professional image, ensure compliance, and offer customization options for businesses. Contact one of our experts for additional information.

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