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While supplies last, Advanced Kiosks is offering a complimentary refurbished Multipurpose Kiosk to schools that purchase a Zamok Premier kiosk management software subscription with shipping cost…read more about this offer.

Zamok Software

These self-service kiosks along with Zamok Kiosk Management Software provide security, accessibility, information, and translation of the interface into any language.

  • Calendar & Slides – Event engagement & awareness
  • Locked down web links – Access to school services
  • Translation – Multi-language interface
  • Visitor Management – Sign-in and Nametag self-service
  • Maps & directories – Wayfinding and Voip calling
  • Engagement – QR Codes to connect to student phones
Zamok Software


The Multipurpose Kiosk is a natural fit for multiple industries and specializes in engaging customers. This self-service kiosk comes free-standing.

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Yes! We are including a complimentary Multipurpose Kiosk with any purchase of Zamok Premier, our proprietary kiosk management software. You will get all the features of Zamok, including a School Spirit or Visitor Management System interface! The freestanding self-service Multipurpose Kiosk is a natural fit for multiple industries and specializes in engaging users.

This is a firm offer, limited to one Multipurpose Kiosk per customer, so act now!

Kiosks on a public school campus can offer several benefits, enhancing various aspects of school operations, communication, and student experiences. They can serve as information hubs, providing students, parents, and visitors with quick access to important announcements, schedules, event details, and school news. This can help ensure that everyone stays informed about school activities and updates.

Additionally, kiosks can reduce the burden on administrative staff by automating routine tasks such as checking in visitors, printing passes, and providing directions. Kiosks can allow students and parents to perform various self-service tasks, such as updating contact information, registering for events, and accessing academic records.

And kiosks can be used to facilitate better communication between parents, teachers, and administrators. They can provide a platform for sending and receiving messages, scheduling appointments, and addressing concerns, fostering a stronger school-community connection.



Self Service for Education