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Scan full size documents and email to recipients of your choosing. 

Advanced Kiosks’ full page, ADA Compliant document scanner is great for many self-service applications, employee kiosks, bill-payment kiosks, and kiosks for government organizations that need users to fill out forms. A scanner can save you a lot of time on any self-service project where customers need to scan and make copies of their own paperwork. 

The kiosk scanner option is a metal enclosure housing a full-page scanner that bolts to the side of the kiosk. The scanner cover is hinged with a wire spring metal cable that holds the cover closed when not in use. This is a “one page at a time” scanner that can scan: letters, passports, driver’s licenses, and documents up to .2 thick. This is not a multi-page scanner. Advanced Kiosks can supply a multi-page scanner for your kiosk, but it is not recommended.   

The ZAMOK™ kiosk software has a scanning module that can be set up to send the scanned document to an email address or can send it to a documentation database. The Kiosk scanner can be easily installed in the field if not purchased with the kiosk.  

Document Scanners

Compatible with the following kiosks:

Documentation KioskLobby Kiosk