Onboarding: The Secret Sauce for Self-Service Success

A key benefit of working with Advanced Kiosks is its onboarding service, an essential offering that gets customers up and running quickly and helps deliver maximum results. Advanced Kiosks’ onboarding service includes training that provides virtually everything a customer needs to get started with their self-service project. Clients are assigned a specialist who proactively works with them to help implement the project. The onboarding specialist continually monitors the production timeline and schedules regular check-ins to keep your project running smoothly. The steps of onboarding are broken down to:

[Onboarding Phase]

    • Kickoff
    • Setup and train
    • Shipment / Installation / Online

[Customer Success Phase]

    • 30-Day review
    • 90-Day review

    Meetings with the Advanced Kiosks team are scheduled to establish the goals of the project and lay out a timeline. The team can answer any questions you have and show you what options are available to help ensure your kiosk deployment performs as expected. The Onboarding Specialist is an expert in Zamok, meaning you don’t have to be. They can customize the kiosk management software to meet your specific needs and offer helpful suggestions to position you for success. 

    Setup & Training:
    Before your kiosks leave the Advanced Kiosks warehouse, the specialist provides you with comprehensive training on how to configure them via video conference. They demonstrate how to navigate the Zamok interface, update the content and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

    Shipment / Installation / Online: Because you’ll have the same point of contact to handle shipping, there’s no mystery. They manage the shipping process from start to finish, with a close eye on the finer details and logistics. Once the kiosk arrives at your location, all you’ll need to do is inspect for any potential shipping damage, unpack it, plug it in and you’re up and running. Once your kiosks are online, the process transitions to the “Customer Success” phase with a focus on end user experience. The Onboarding team will check in to make sure everything is performing as expected, making adjustments as needed to position you for self-service success.

    30-Day Review of Data: After the self-service project has been up and running for 30 days, the specialist will meet with you to review the performance data and analyze it to see if the project is delivering all that it can. The specialist may recommend changes such as moving the kiosk to a new location or making revisions to the workflows. 

    90-day Review of Data: Some trends may not become apparent until the self-service kiosk project has been operating for several months. The 90-day review can help spot those long-term trends and make recommendations as needed. Advanced Kiosks’ Onboarding service saves both time and money for customers, allowing them to focus on their core business activities without worrying about the kiosk. The essential Onboarding service ensures that clients are trained on how to manage the kiosk properly, enabling them to create a unique and efficient self-service experience.  Have a question about the onboarding process? Contact an Advanced Kiosks expert for additional information.

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