Event Calendar Software Uniting Communities

May 26, 2016

In any city, campus, or organization, there are events constantly happening.  Without checking each and every separate schedule daily, there is no way for people in the community to know what events are happening, when they are happening, or where they are happening.  Each group tends to use a typical event calendar software, like Google Calendar or Yahoo Calendar, to display their upcoming events to their members.  The difference with our event calendar software, EventsCrier, is that it creates an assemblage of events from all of the groups and syncs them into one easy-to-use calendar.  Instead of having people submit events through a slip of paper and then require administrators to manually input each event, EventsCrier makes it easy to submit forms online to the community, and makes the administrator’s approval (or disapproval) as easy as one click.


Event Calendar Software Makes it Easy for Everyone


EventsCrier is an easy-to-use, customizable web application that incorporates all of the events from each calendar that is uploaded to create an ensemble of events for the community.  Calendars are uploaded through the back-end using only the link to an iCalendar (the computer file format; not an Apple product), and the event calendar software gathers the events into one main calendar.

Events can be browsed by date, by type of event, or by department/organization, based on what the user is searching for.  Just choose a calendar at the top to see all of the events from a specific organization, or select a day in the five day forecast to see all of the events organized chronologically by time of day.  Users can also easily search for the events using a keyword.  Three customizable “hot buttons” are available to the administrator to link directly to popular calendars or keywords.

When an event is clicked on, a short description is given along with time, location, and contact information in case the person interested in attending the event has any questions about the event.  The small calendar to the left of every event description is shaded in with days that have scheduled events.  This gives the user the ability to click on a day in advance to see which events are happening on that date.

The simplicity of EventsCrier is wonderful for those in charge of the main calendar because there is essentially no maintenance, or updates, needed when using this event calendar software.  Everything is synced automatically from the organization’s iCalendar through the web-link that was used.  EventsCrier makes it possible for people in the community to see a specific calendar belonging to a group, while also being able to see all other events from other groups that are happening on one day for that area.


Click the Image to Download Our EventsCrier Brochure

EventsCrier Event Calendar Software Brochure

Creating Community with Event Calendar Software


EventsCrier is an excellent tool for getting people out of the house (and away from the television) and participating in events in their community.  This event calendar software can be used within college campuses, businesses, chambers of commerce or any organization that wants to organize their events into a user friendly interface.  The possibilities for what types of groups could use EventsCrier are endless.  Because it is so easy to use, and requires very little maintenance, it would be a priority choice for any organization looking to improve, or implement, their event calendar software.

Events Crier could unify a campus without creating any more work for anyone.  If each club, sports team, and organization made a list of events in an iCalendar format, the administrator would simply have to attach the links to those calendars, and our event calendar software would sync all of the events into one calendar to be used by the entire campus, including events from many different groups.  The campuses could even create events for prospective students who don’t know what is going on around campus.  Dining halls could also upload menus so that students could use EventsCrier to check what is available to eat on campus for that day and throughout the week.

Chambers of commerce could, and currently do, use this event calendar software in order to get the word out about local business events to everyone in and around the area.  EventsCrier makes it easy for chambers of commerce to collectively display all of the events to the public through their website, without having to manually update it all the time.  Once the group’s administrator uploads it to the calendar, it will automatically be shown on the EventsCrier calendar in one place, for all to see.  It can be used for restaurants to upload deals or special events happening on a certain night, yard sales, volunteer work, educational events, seasonal events or last minute weekly events that happen around the area that are looking for more people to join in the fun.

When you stop to think about it, the possibilities and uses of EventsCrier are infinite.  It is up to interpretation by the main administrator of how to best use it.  For example, a larger business could use it to let their staff know of a big meeting, a holiday where the business is closed, tasks that need to be done, or even just using an event to showcase a checkpoint.


Bringing Event Choice to Your Community


Since each department is responsible for their own calendar, just as they are now, the amount of work needed to keep Events Crier is no different than what it was before. Quite frankly, it is much less work. The difference is truly in the front-end of the event calendar software.  Instead of having dozens of different calendars, by using Events Crier all of the events from each separate calendar is downloaded and made into one easy-to-use calendar.

Using EventsCrier would is more efficient in increasing event attendance than the individual iCalendar software.  It takes a lot of time for users to go through each department’s calendar to find events rather than just looking at one calendar that shows every event for that day.  Having all events on one event calendar makes searching for something to do even simpler.  If a user had to go through each calendar to find an event to go to, all incentive to attend would be lost after all of the time it took to find what you wanted to do. The process of finding an event to attend with EventsCrier is so smooth that the user’s energy can be focused on attending the event and creating a better, more involved community. The fact that EventsCrier is mobile friendly, and can be saved to a smart phone’s home-screen, makes accessing the event calendar even more convenient. Looking for something to do tonight? Check EventsCrier on your phone!

EventsCrier has a visually appealing and organized look.  Instead of looking at a typical calendar setup that Google or Yahoo calendar has, EventsCrier takes event calendar software to a new aesthetic simplicity.  Having different options – to view the events by date, or even by department – EventsCrier is the clear choice for your event calendar software.  The five day forecast is simple enough to not overwhelm the user with a plethora of events, but instead to help organize the user’s thoughts on when, where, and what event to attend.

eventscrier lrcc event calendar software image



The Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce


EventsCrier is the event calendar software choice of the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce to display all of the events to their community.  The calendar for the Lakes Region is accessible to anyone on the internet.  It is a web-based event calendar software which means that anyone using a web browser is able to see the calendar.  EventsCrier is accessible on mobile as well, for people who are looking for events on their phone.  On the main page of EventsCrier, there is a QR code for mobile users to scan and immediately be directed to the correct EventsCrier page on their phones or tablets.  Department calendars for the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce have been uploaded and are in use on EventsCrier.  If a department, or organization, does not have a calendar, an event can be individually submitted and approved by the administrator for the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce.

Using an event calendar software, such as EventsCrier, in a city, on a campus, or in any organization, creates a greater sense of community.  Allowing the events to be easily accessed by anyone at all times can only serve to increase attendance at the local events.  Instead of searching for events on Facebook, or through emailed calendars by media companies, EventsCrier is the place where all of a community’s events are showcased. Seeing all of the events in one place makes it easier for people to find things to go to in their area.  It quickly shows the depth of each organization and what they have to offer. Encouraging the members of your local community to participate in local events, by making those events easy to find and visible, increases attendance and unites your community.


EventsCrier can unite any campus, business, or city event calendar in just minutes.  Uploading the calendars, and customizing the pages, is all that EventsCrier needs in order to increase the sense of community in your area.



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