Full size Kiosk Thermal Printer 8.5″ Wide Roll

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Thermal Printer 8.5″ wide, with a continuous roll of paper.

A full-size thermal printer is a great way to provide your customers with forms or documents on the spot in areas that are higher risk and where a laser printer would not be secure.

All our full-size kiosk thermal printers come with a retract feature for customer security. The kiosk printer retract function works by first printing the page then pushing out about a third of the page through the printer slot. If the page is not taken in a set amount of time, usually 30 seconds, the page is pulled back into the kiosk and disposed of. Our ZAMOK™ kiosk software notifications will also send you a text message when the kiosk is low on paper.


Question from a customer:

When we will print to these printers, there will be multiple pages being printed.  Is there a way that it can drop the paper into a bin and print the next page instead of waiting on the driver to take the page after printing?
In our testing, we found that if you try to take the page before it releases it.  It cause a printer jam and you have to go and fix it.

Our answer:

Cheap thermal printers do not have a “presenter / retractor” on the printer.  The presenter holds the printout until it is printed then pushes the first 2 inches of paper out to the customer for them to take the print. Without the presenter, as soon as the paper comes out people will grab the printout and pull on it.  This will cause a jam, mess up the print on the paper and after a few months destroy the print head.  All our full size printers have presenters and do not have this problem.

Note that the presenter can also be used as a retractor.  If applied, this printer setting will pull the printout back in after a set time if the customer does not take the print out and deposit it in a bin for disposal.  This comes standard with the Transit Printer option. Hence, there is no reason for a paper bin. 


Thermal Printer 8.5" Wide Roll

Compatible with the following kiosks:

Documentation Kiosk, Transit Kiosk, Lobby Kiosk