Why the Enviro Kiosk is the Best Solution for Tributes & Memorials

Memorials are a timeless way to pay tribute to loved ones, members of the military, major historical events, and figures who have made a lasting impact. Some of the most noteworthy monuments in the world, the Lincoln Memorial, Statue of Liberty, or the 9/11 Memorial, allow us to share our collective heritage and show patriotism while inviting foreign travelers to share in this history and feed their curiosity.

Edmonds Washington Tribue Software on Outdoor Enviro KioskMemorials like the Arlington National Cemetery, NH Veterans Cemetery Association, and Marine Corps Heritage Foundation now use interactive, self-service kiosks that allow visitors to:

  • Pay respects at any time
  • Learn and educate
  • Sign a guestbook
  • Share stories
  • Access wayfinding services


What is a Self-Service Kiosk?

A self-service kiosk is a complete solution that brings Tributes and Memorials to members of your community and tourists alike in a meaningful and educational way. A kiosk solution has three parts:

Hardware: The hardware is the physical structure or machine with its integrated peripherals placed in a high-traffic area to provide information, goods, and services.

Software: The software is the brain of the machine that takes a kiosk from a computer in a box to a secure, interactive and multi-functional self-service tool. We have several options to help you manage your kiosks.

User Interface: User experience (UX) is the strategy and design that makes a functional kiosk a success by crafting an interface aimed to serve and delight your end-users. Our tribute software makes integrating your systems or web-based content a breeze and delivers functionality and administrative control to get you up and running quickly. 

The Tribute kiosk interface is customizable to include look, feel, and functionality, allowing users to securely access your systems, approved websites, and third-party services with ease. 

Outdoor Kiosk Touch Screen in use at nightWhat is the Enviro Kiosk?

The Enviro Kiosk is a state-of-the-art interactive kiosk solution built to withstand all matters of weather conditions. Whether your Memorial is in rainy Seattle, sunny and warm in Jacksonville FL, or snowy and cold in Hanover NH, the Enviro Kiosk is functional year-round in any outdoor environment. 

Made with 14 gauge stainless steel, the Enviro Kiosk comes with a cooling and heating system to protect from the impact of extreme climates. On hot and sunny days, the sunlight-readable monitor puts out 1100 nits of light and is the only outdoor kiosk on the market today that comes with a 3-year-warranty (terms and conditions apply)

In addition to Tributes and Memorials, everyday use cases for the Enviro Kiosk include:

  • Parks – From local parks to national parks, kiosks provide easy-to-access wayfinding, history, attractions, and information about the area. (we have examples)
  • Cemeteries – With outdoor kiosks, you can provide user-friendly wayfinding to navigate large cemeteries and locate burial sites. Offer tribute to those who have passed by delivering an interactive memorial with the Fallen Heroes kiosk software.
    Our kiosks are in many cemeteries, the most notable being Arlington National Cemetery.
  • Colleges and Universities – Campus wayfinding for students and visitors, updates, notifications, cancellations, and weather forecasts are all provided using this outdoor kiosk. Also, consider using this kiosk as a marketing tool for current and prospective students.
  • Amusement Parks / Zoos / Stadiums – Using outdoor kiosks, you can offer visitor wayfinding or present interactive info about exhibits, rides, animals, or the location’s history. An outdoor kiosk is a great way to survey customers and to inform visitors about the animals.(Tampa Zoo, DC Zoo, there are a few more)

What are the Benefits of the Enviro Kiosk?
arlington national cemetery 2

In addition to being a weather resistant and made for an outdoor self-service solution at Memorial sites across the country, the Enviro Kiosk has many other unique benefits:

  • Encourages social distancing
  • Engages more visitors
  • Serves as an educational resource to visitors
  • Translates messaging into different languages for international visitors (Questionable)
  • Payment processing compatible
  • Decreased wait times and shorter lines
  • Ability to reach a wider audience
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Potential to increase profits
  • Improved customer satisfaction


To learn more about interactive self-service kiosks and schedule a call with one of our project managers, visit www.AdvancedKiosks.com or call 603-865-1000.

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