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Industries: Higher Education

Higher Education 

Colleges and universities are implementing self-service kiosk solutions in schools and on campuses to address a growing list of student and faculty needs. Interactive kiosks are ideal for use as class/program registration, event promotion, wayfinding, and printing stations.

TRIBUTE School Spirit Showcase software builds campus community, increases alumni connections to the school, and promotes school pride. With its digital trophy cases, online yearbooks, and donor profiles, Advanced Kiosks’ TRIBUTE software also connects current students with alumni for networking and mentoring. 

Document Kiosk for Higher Education

Common Uses

  • Printing and Scanning Stations
  • Meal Plan Payments
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Registration and Sign-ups
  • Event Promotion
  • Campus Wayfinding and Mapping


  • Increase Student Retention
  • Decrease Staff Demands
  • Provide 24/7 Access Convenience
  • Promote Engagement
  • Reduce Visitor Wait Times
  • Improve Event Awareness

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