From Kiosk Company to Full Self-Service Integration and Kiosk Software Developer

Welcome to the new home of Advanced Kiosks! We have redesigned our website to reflect modern trends in design and usability, which is the same approach we take to all our kiosk projects. Our in-house design team has put together a new look for our website that is crisp, modern, and portrays who we are and where we are going into 2020.

We want to make it clear: Advanced Kiosks provides complete interactive kiosk solutions. We seamlessly integrate kiosk hardware and software into customized kiosk user experiences. After we deliver a self-service kiosk system that meets your business needs and delights your customers, we remain committed to the success of the project. We offer a full range of managed services and technical support options to ensure the continued success of your self-service technology initiatives. 

No matter where you are in your self-service system journey, our website now offers resources to help you out. Let us show you around a bit:

Think Beyond the Metal Box

For self-service success, an interactive kiosk must be more than a computer in a box. Our website now highlights a “New to Kiosks” feature that walks newcomers through the three components essential to every self-service kiosk system: hardware, software and the user interface (UI). 

Here, we encourage businesses who are new to touch screen kiosks to focus less on choosing the most attractive metal box and more on designing an interactive kiosk system that integrates with your business processes and provides your customers with an exceptional user experience (UX). For example, if you want to offer live video chat customer service, how should that option look on the touchscreen? What kiosk software do you need to power your video chat? How will it integrate with the webcam, VoIP handset, and other hardware options? Advanced Kiosks partners with you to answer all those questions. Our engineers and UX designers translate your concepts into reality.

Envision A Better Business Model

If you’re not sure how to best leverage interactive kiosk technology in your business, we have a new area just for you. The “Solutions” page makes it easy to browse by use case and industry. Need an employee self-service kiosk for your factory, a self-ordering kiosk for fast food, a Point of Sale (POS) kiosk for your store, or a bill payment kiosk for your government office. Advanced Kiosks is your partner to make it happen. We’ve made it easy for you to explore what’s possible and discover the best practices in your industry. 

Partner with Interactive Kiosk Experts

We redesigned our website to reflect modern trends in design and usability. That’s exactly what we do for clients in all industries, across the country and across the world. Today’s tech-savvy consumers are demanding self-service options that save them time and hassle. With almost 20 years of hardware and software experience Advanced Kiosks can help your organization determine how best to meet that demand. 

Of course, we still offer the sleek, durable kiosk hardware that has been catching your eye for years. Now it’s time to discover our Zamok software suite, the best kiosk management software available today. It keeps your kiosk systems locked down and secure while enabling a host of functionality (e.g., printers, scanners, remote management, user surveys). If you need additional capabilities, we have a proven track record in custom kiosk software solutions development

Your complete, turnkey interactive kiosk system starts with one phone call: (603) 865-1000. 

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