Advanced Kiosks Managed Services


Kiosk Managed ServicesAdvanced Kiosks is invested in your long-term solution success. We offer contract services that go beyond development and deployment to keep your Kiosks running smooth and serving your customers. Listed below are some of the managed services available.

Monitoring, Alerts and Notifications

Advanced Kiosks will monitor the state of each kiosk in real time. If a kiosk’s conditions vary outside of established parameters, Advanced Kiosks will log the event and take the necessary action to bring the kiosk back to an acceptable state. All events will be logged and reports will be provided as part of monthly service.

Software and Operating System Updates

Advanced Kiosks will manage and apply appropriate updates, plugins and upgrades for the kiosk computer operating system, as well as third party software.


Advanced Kiosks will install, manage, and report all anti-virus software updates or activity for each kiosk. Advanced Kiosks will screen for malicious software, conduct regular scans and address any infections that are discovered.

Inventory Management and Reporting

Advanced Kiosks will track kiosk hardware usage and statistics and present annual recommendations regarding upgrades, and other related issues based on collected data.

Monthly Executive Summary Reports

Advanced Kiosks will collect data from all kiosks in the field. At the end of each calendar month Advanced Kiosks will compile and present a report on all kiosk activity over the course of that month.


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