Video Chat & Co-browsing now in ZAMOK Kiosk Software Suite

ZAMOK kiosk software’s new video chat features enable face-to-face professional consultations, telehealth and specialized customer service at the touch of a button, anywhere and anytime. (Press release) Available July 1st, leading self-service technology integrator Advanced Kiosks has a new ingredient companies can add into their special recipes for exceptional customer service. With just a webcam, speakers, microphone and the ZAMOK software package, interactive kiosks now make it cost-effective to offer in-person expert consultations on demand. Remote employees can even help customers navigate websites and user interfaces in real-time.

ZAMOK Video Chat is the solution for businesses that want to provide better service to more people for less money. Imagine a single customer service agent sitting at company headquarters, able to remotely monitor satellite offices across the country and manage 20 to 40 kiosks. That agent doesn’t even have to wait for a kiosk user to request help. Proximity sensors and session data can alert her to a customer who may be struggling to navigate the interface or make a decision. She can pop in with a timely, “Can I help you with that?” “ZAMOK Kiosk Software powers our new video conferencing and co-browsing features, but what they look like and how they integrate into your customer’s journey is entirely up to you,” says Software Project Manager Clif Boyd. “Advanced Kiosks engineers will completely customize everything from how the system routes customers to agents to what the video chat buttons look like. All done to your specifications.”

This new feature set also has a built in screening survey tool. Howard Horn, President of Advanced Kiosks explains “The pre-chat survey tool can ensure users are connected with the appropriate team member to maximize the value of your resources. This gets the best customer service agent to your customers faster.” ZAMOK Video Chat augments employee productivity. Staff become omnipresent experts, putting their skills to work for more people, regardless of physical proximity.

These new video conferencing features are great tools for telehealth and various other healthcare applications. User data privacy is always a top priority, particularly in healthcare settings. All Advanced Kiosks software is designed and developed with HIPAA Compliance standards and security in mind.

ZAMOK Video Chat includes all the features today’s consumers have come to expect from popular apps like Skype and FaceTime. They can mute, hide, control volume and minimize chat windows. Plus the visual component of video chat enables more holistic communication between remote service agents and customers than voice-only calls. They can read each other’s nonverbal cues and connect organically. Users feel like they have an expert right by their side throughout the process, and the personal connection drives customer engagement. Service agents can capture email addresses so the brand-customer relationship can continue long after the user walks away from the kiosk.

To learn more about how ZAMOK Video Chat can work for your business, contact the Advanced Kiosks Technical Sales Team at (866) 783-3791 or go to Zamok page on the website for all the features and benefits of Zamok Kiosk Management Software. About Advanced Kiosks: For over 16 years, Advanced Kiosks has been an innovator and leader in the development of hardware, software, and security for self-service kiosks in a wide array of industries. All products are backed by an unmatched 3 Year Warranty and a robust technical support program.

Written by Amy Robison, contributing author

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