Kiosk Colors

These nine standard paint color options are available on certain kiosk models.

Choose the color that best represents your brand or kiosk location. Advanced Kiosks uses a high quality powder coating process for all kiosks. Powder coating is generally more durable than traditional painting, more resistant to color fade, and with the least possible environmental impact. The standard color selections are based on the RAL color system for kiosks.

Our 9 Standard Kiosk Colors

  1. Tex Black – RAL 9005 – (light texture)
  2. Blue, Signal Blue – RAL5005
  3. Teal, Water Blue – RAL 5021
  4. Grey, Charcoal Grey – RAL 7024 – (light texture)
  5. Green, Moss Green – RAL 6005
  6. Orange, Pure Orange – RAL 2004 – Gloss (no texture)
  7. Red – Bengal Red by Tiger Drylac – Gloss (heavy texture)
  8. Silver, Weathered Silver – RAL 9006 & RAL 9007 – (light texture)
  9. White, Traffic White – RAL 9016 – Gloss (no texture)

Custom paint colors are available for an extra charge. Please consult a sales representative for details.

Kiosk Color Swatches
Kiosk Color

Compatible with the following kiosks:

Freestanding Kiosk, Enviro Kiosk