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An Interactive Retail Kiosk to Increase In-Store Revenue

P/N: H32-260-110

Retailers in traditional brick and mortar stores have had their share of challenges from the Great Recession in the late 2000’s to the continuing increase in online purchasing. Getting foot traffic back into shopping malls, downtown shopping districts and freestanding locations is an ongoing struggle. Innovation is the key to maximizing the foot traffic to your retail location(s) and this is where the retail kiosk excels.

With a 22” dual touch monitor, a functional, sleek side-table, the Retail Kiosk was designed to provide a variety of services to your customers while saving valuable floor space as an easy-to-install wall mounted unit. Our vision for this interactive kiosk was to support your retail sales team as much as possible through:

  • Increasing Sales Revenue – Out of stock in store? Use the retail kiosk to look up inventory online and purchase right at the kiosk using a credit/debit card or iPay technology. Capture your customers when they are ready to buy or lose them after they walk out your door.
  • Customer Loyalty – Allow customers to access their reward program information right at the touch screen kiosk. Customers appreciate not having to carry another card on them, as well as being able to check their accounts without having to ask a sales associate to do that for them.
  • Advertising and Marketing – Having a sale? Launch a new product? Have a story to tell? All of these are easy to do with the Retail Kiosk. The 22 inch touch screen monitor along with stereo speakers invite customers to step up to the screen to see what is new and exciting with your brand.
  • Lead Capture – Offer customers a way to keep in touch through submitting their email through the kiosk. Free up your cashiers from having to ask for emails and instead capture them with an incentive at the interactive kiosk.

Cell Phone Charging Station – If you decided to install the Retail Kiosk on a wall next to your fitting rooms, or where you have seating for customers (and their family and friends) who need to take a rest, adding a free cell phone charging service to your kiosk is a nice touch that goes a long way. Bring new customers into your store and delight current customers with this feature.

Product Details


Customers want to satisfy their needs, retail and other similar organizations want to help them in this journey.  However, there are times when a customer visits an organization and are faced with a dilemma.  The company has the right product, but unfortunately not at that location, potentially meaning a lost sale.


The Retail Kiosk is meant to bridge the gap between services an organization offers, and the customers they intend to serve, regardless if the products are onsite or not.  This is done by creating an easy means of converting what would have been a missed opportunity for the company, into a sale through the web.  Connecting shoppers with what they want, when they want it.


  • When low on stock
  • Promoting Products
  • Customers Find the right product, wrong size/color
  • Showcasing items that are not on-site
  • Introduce accessories that match current trends
  • and more…


Download the Retail Kiosk brochure with our contact information and let us know if you have any questions, or would like to request a quote


kiosk options

Barcode Reader

Scans 1D barcodes be aware there are 1D and 2D barcodes. Tell us what you need.

kiosk options

Vend III Card Reader

Accept all Credit Cards, Pin and Chip Cards, Smart Pay Phones

kiosk options

Computer Upgrades

Upgrade the computer from the standard dual-core processor, 2gb of ram, and Windows 7 to anything that is needed.

kiosk options

Attached Side Table

Make the kiosk more aesthetically pleasing and more user friendly for the customer by adding a table for them to rest belongings on while the use the kiosk.

kiosk options

Graphic Laminate Options

Customize your kiosk with your company logo or design of your choice. We use cut vinyl for durability.

Monitor 22.0″ Touch Screen

Aspect RatioAspect 16:9
Touch TechnologyCapacitive 10point Multitouch
Display TechnologyHD Flat panel LCD Display
Native Resolution1366 x 768



Windows 10 Professional


Intel 1.8 GHz Quad Core Processor

System Memory

4GB DDR3 1333/1600


Intel HD Graphics

Storage Device


Operating Temperature

0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)


Antenna Embedded in System


Zamok® is the most advanced computer kiosk management software on the market today and the most affordable. The Zamok Foundation® software comes included on all kiosks we sell and the additional solutions are designed and sold as a Software as a Service (SaaS) for a low monthly or yearly cost. You purchase what you need for when you need it. All Zamok® solutions are easy to use and add value to your touch screen kiosks while taking minimal technical knowledge to get up and running. What does this mean to you? No updates, no maintenance fees, no servers and one low cost. When you no longer need our solutions you can simply turn it off and stop paying for it.

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