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Interactive Kiosk To Enhance The Visitor Experience

Visitors to museums, parks and zoos will find their experience enhanced by the addition of interactive kiosks. From check-in and ticketing, to immersive learning stations, self-service kiosks speed visitors through lines, keep them informed, and provide a personalized experience sure to bring them back for more.

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Self-Service Kiosk for Museum Exhibit


  • Ticket Printing
  • Information Display
  • Promotions and Offers
  • Interactive Experiences
  • Badge Scanning
  • Queue Management
  • Phone Charging
  • Post-Visit Surveys


  • Reduce Visitor Wait Times
  • Increase Engagement
  • Promote Specials and Events
  • Allow Staff to Focus on Adding Value
  • Easily Update Media and Exhibit Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Attractions/Amusements Parks

How much does a self-service kiosk for attractions and amusement parks cost?

The cost of a self-service kiosk depends on quantity, options, customization, and other shipping costs. To learn more, speak with one of our helpful representatives!

What are the use cases for an amusement park kiosk?

Common use cases for amusement parks and other attractions include:

  • Ticketing
  • Information display
  • Promotions & offers
  • Interactive experiences
  • Badge/QR code scanning
  • Queue management
  • Phone charging
  • Post-visit surveys

Learn more about amusement park use cases here

What self-service kiosks are recommended for attractions and amusement parks?

We offer a variety of self-service kiosk solutions for attractions and amusement parks. 

The most popular kiosk models for this industry include the:

To view additional kiosk models, click here.

Do Kiosks come with Ticketing capabilities?

Yes! Visitors can purchase and print tickets to your attraction right from the kiosk. Speak to a representative today to learn more about our Ticketing Kiosks.

Do you install kiosks at or near beaches?

Unfortunately our outdoor kiosks are not compatible with coastal environments, therefore, we do not supply self-service kiosks for beach or coast applications.

How do I get my content/information on the kiosk?

If you have software to display your content we can get it running on the kiosk. If you do not have software, we can develop software for you or connect you with one of our content display partners.

Do kiosks offer wayfinding/navigation services?

Yes! For more information on wayfinding services click here

What type of attractions are kiosks useful for?

Self-service kiosks are a helpful resource at zoos, museums, amusement parks, and more!

What type of information can I display on my kiosk?

The display on your kiosks is customizable and can include images, video, text, and any information or detail customers may find useful.

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