Why the Self-Service Documentation Kiosk is the Best Kiosk for Housing Authorities

In today’s digitally-based world, face-to-face interactions are becoming less frequent. Businesses from California to Massachusetts are searching for impactful ways to provide services to their customers through automation and improved customer experiences.

That’s why Housing Authorities across the country are investing in self-service kiosks like the Documentation Kiosk, including Quincy, MA, Orange County, FL, and Olmsted County, MN.


What is the Self-Service Documentation Kiosk?

The Documentation Kiosk is an all-in-one solution that offers an alternative avenue to providing the public with most of the same services provided in a traditional office setting. Complete with hardware such as laser printer, full metal keyboard, card readers, and our ADA compliant cutting edge full page document scanner. This self-service kiosk can accomplish many low level tasks required to fulfill the needs of any Housing Authority. For interactions where privacy is a concern addition of a privacy screen and VOIP handset with switching technology are must haves.

Documentation KioskThe introduction of a Documentation Kiosk into your business enables the automation of everyday tasks, including:

  • Paying rent
  • Scanning and printing documents
  • Applying for housing
  • Retrieving documents
  • Requesting maintenance

Self-Service Kiosks That Provide Solutions During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated many of the issues that decision-makers in the Housing Authorities industry face, including:

  • Long wait times
  • Quality of services
  • Overcrowded lobbies and the possibility of germ spreading
  • Inconvenient business hours
  • Teller availability

Much of their client base consists of demographics that are most at risk of severe health complications from COVID, including the elderly, disabled, and people of color. To eliminate risk while also planning for the industry’s future landscape, Housing Authorities from Maine to Washington turn to self-service kiosk solutions.

Housing Authorities are a great example of where self-service provides a fresh outlook. Many of their services do not require personal interaction. A large portion of their day-to-day operations can be automated and streamlined by introducing self-service-based solutions where human interaction is minimal. 

Housing Authority Interface

The Documentation Kiosk addresses all of those concerns and then some by shortening wait times and providing consistent, reliable service at all hours. Germ-spreading is also a nonfactor, as the kiosk is easily sanitized and is even durable enough to handle a drink spill.

How Do Self-Service Kiosks Address the Needs of Your Housing Authority?

Introducing one of our kiosk solutions to your business enables you to:

  • Improve service with a consistent, refined user experience that eliminates variables associated with personal interaction
  • Conveniently provide 24/7 access to services
  • Reduce wait times and lines
  • Accommodate social distancing
  • Access weekly reports
  • Present an attractive welcome interface

Our onboarding, user experience, and design teams work closely with you, fully customizing your menu and interface to accommodate the functionality you may have in mind. Our very own ZAMOK™ Management Software is compatible with any web-based application to cater to your needs from start to finish.


Are Self-Service Kiosks Compatible with Scanners?

The Documentation Kiosk is compatible with a number of different scanning solutions that closely align with the needs of a Housing Authority. 

The scanner hardware most commonly used in the industry is our full page document scanner, which allows for the submission of completed paper forms.

Credit card scanners are another commonly used solution, enabling the kiosk user to pay rent or make other financial transactions.

What Onboarding is Included with Interactive Kiosks?

Advanced Kiosks was founded on the principle of providing turnkey solutions, and our onboarding process reflects that. The onboarding team handles all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most to you and your business. 

Once installed and configured, ZAMOK™ provides a simple, intuitive interface and a fully customizable homepage module to make your ongoing experience as pleasant and effortless as possible.

Want To Learn More About Interactive Self-Service Kiosks?

Advanced Kiosks is a complete solution provider, experienced in kiosk manufacturing and kiosk software design and development.

To learn more about interactive self-service kiosks and schedule a call with one of our project managers, visit www.AdvancedKiosks.com or call 603-865-1000.

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