Enhanced Welcome Experience

The LAAS system will provide a warm and professional welcome to visitors entering the lobby. With a user-friendly interface and customizable welcome screen, it will create a positive first impression and set the tone for their visit.

Direct Communication

The LAAS system integration with ZAMOK provides a VOIP feature that enables visitors to call persons or businesses they are visiting directly from the system. This will facilitate efficient and direct communication, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free visitor experience. If the person is not at their desk the LAAS system can be configured to send a text message with the visitors’ information to one or more cell phones.

Turnkey Solution

The LAAS provides a comprehensive turnkey system of hardware and software that seamlessly integrates into the customer’s existing systems. It offers a hassle-free implementation process, ensuring a smooth configuration and integration. See below for more information on our Onboarding process that gets you up and running fast.

Enhanced Lobby Security

Lobbies that are locked down will benefit greatly from the LAAS system, as it allows visitors to contact the person they are visiting directly from the kiosk system. This eliminates the need for a lobby attendant while still ensuring controlled access and enhanced security measures.

Streamlined Visitor Check-in

With LAAS, there is no need for a traditional clipboard sign-in process. Visitors can quickly and securely check-in by providing their details, which can be configured based on the specific requirements of the facility. This eliminates paperwork and reduces waiting times, improving overall visitor satisfaction.

Professional Name Tags

LAAS generates custom name tags for visitor management in less than a minute. Our name tags include visitors’ names, photos, affiliations, and dates of use, enhancing professionalism and security within your facility. See our blog on Nametage here.

Future-Proof and Expandable

The LAAS platform offers future expansion and compatibility with additional features and integrations. It allows for further enhancements and adaptation to changing needs, ensuring long-term value and investment.

Wayfinding and Mapping

The system provides a wayfinding feature that helps visitors easily navigate the facility. Whether through interactive maps or integration with Google Maps, visitors can quickly locate their desired destination, reducing confusion and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Efficient Delivery Management

LAAS tracks and manages deliveries made to the facility, providing accurate information about delivery dates, times, and recipients. This ensures timely and secure delivery handling, improving operational efficiency.

Emergency Preparedness

LAAS includes customizable emergency buttons that visitors can use to immediately alert security personnel in case of an emergency. This enhances safety measures within the facility and provides visitors with peace of mind.

Web-Based Apps and Convenience Options

LAAS allows visitors to access convenient features such as WiFi access and maps. It enhances convenience and efficiency for both visitors and staff.

Accessibility and Multilingual Support

LAAS is designed to be accessible and inclusive. It offers language options for multilingual support, and provides accessibility features for visually impaired or handicapped individuals, ensuring compliance with ADA regulations.

Easy Customization and Control

Customers have the flexibility to make their own changes and updates to the LAAS interface. The system is built on a highly built-out WordPress interface, allowing customers to edit and update content easily. Additionally, the system offers a range of customizable options, including templates, colors, layouts, and branding, enabling customers to create a unique interface that aligns with their organization’s identity.