City of Dupont Washington, A Kiosk Support Success Story

Customer service and kiosk support is just another way Advanced Kiosks stands out above the competition. Just ask the city of DuPont, Wash. When the city’s outdoor Enviro Kiosk went down, it wasn’t just an inconvenience: the kiosk was the centerpiece of an upcoming ribbon-cutting at the new Mayor John Iafrati Picnic Shelter and Visitor Kiosk location.

Dupont Visitor Kiosk Interface

On April 17th, Advanced Kiosks received notice that the customer’s kiosk was not able to turn on or boot up the operating system. AK’s technical support specialist Marshall Nye was not able to access the machine remotely but was able to quickly diagnose what was going on. It was clear that the hard drive had failed and needed replacing.

This type of failure can happen for several reasons not related to manufacturing but is covered by Advanced Kiosks’ comprehensive end-to-end 3 year warranty. The customer shipped the computer to our factory, where the hard drive as replaced and a fresh install of software was configuration for that application. The computer arrived on April 30th and this ready to roll replacement was restored and on its way to DuPont on May 1, less than two days after Advanced Kiosks received the computer in distress!

The customer received the restored computer and was able to quickly place it in the kiosk and get it back in operation. “The computer is back in place and the kiosk is back to normal,” reported Gus Lim, DuPont’s Public Works Director. “Just in time for our ribbon-cutting!”

That’s exactly the kind of customer service you can expect from Advanced Kiosks – and it’s what makes our clients come back to us for all their kiosk needs. In fact, DuPont officials ordered another kiosk – the service was that good!

Located northwest of Olympia, DuPont has a population of just over 8,000 people. The Mayor John Iafrati Picnic Shelter and Visitor Kiosk project included two private restrooms, covered picnic shelters, and a tourism kiosk. The kiosk is equipped with the Zamok Kiosk Software suite which is configured to display town information for the public 24/7, and links to the attractions in the area, including events, golf, trails, hotels, food and museums.

The Enviro Kiosk is a state-of-the-art, outdoor touch-screen kiosk designed for extreme climates and unpredictable weather conditions. The Enviro Kiosk can easily handle anything from 14° F to 122° F and is designed to operate reliably for years while being exposed to fluctuating temperature, humidity, and precipitation. It’s designed like a sports car, but it runs like a tank!

The Enviro Kiosk has a sunlight readable 19” interactive monitor, is made of rain-resistant 14-gauge stainless steel and has a sealed power supply and lock and key access. The exterior shell comes in 10 colors and it’s perfect for parks because of its weather resistance and its easy-to access information. It’s also an ideal solution for colleges and universities and zoos, among other industries.

The Enviro Kiosk, like all our kiosk models come with our powerful Zamok suite of software pre-installed. Zamok is the company’s own kiosk management software suite and is designed to make it easy for our clients to secure, control and manage kiosk operations. It’s simply the best kiosk software available.

All Advanced Kiosks products are built using commercial grade parts and are backed up by our unmatched 3-Year Warranty. As the manufacturer of both the hardware and the software for our products, we have the unique advantage of total quality control. All products are tested thoroughly and never ship unless they pass rigorous evaluation. Our team of experienced engineers keep the bar high and it shows with our outstanding track record of customer satisfaction and product performance in the field.

If you’re looking for a kiosk solution for your park, let us help!  We are happy to answer your kiosk hardware and software questions and help you get the best possible self-service. Contact us today and our skilled project consultants will get you started!


Written by Tami Brouillette, contributing author

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