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Services: Design Services

We Create Digital Interactive Experiences that Engage and Excite.

One size definitely does not fit all. That’s why our design services team takes a holistic approach to your project. We blend user experience with software functionality and hardware capability to create the custom kiosk experience your customers want and your business needs.

It Starts with the User Experience

Every project must begin with user experience (UX) design. In the discovery phase, we help you ask the right questions. For example, who are your customers? What kind of experience do you want them to have? To answer these questions, we apply design thinking and years of problem-solving experience to bring your vision to life.


Advanced Kiosks’ designers and developers work closely to deliver the experience you are expecting. Our highly configurable software solutions enable us to deploy a vast number of custom experiences quickly and easily. If you require a custom solution, our engineering team and network of software partners will make it happen.

Merging the Digital with the Physical

This is where Advanced Kiosks stands apart. We can create a custom digital experience, with the right hardware to support it. An integrated system to deliver the intuitive user experience your customers demand. Whether this means selecting from our standard kiosk line, integrating a particular peripheral device, or working with our engineering team to bring something new into the world, we help you assemble the complete interactive digital experience.

bringing your vision to life

You have a vision for your customer experience. We are here to help you achieve it. Our creative process seamlessly melds user experience, software development, and hardware specification to create the interactive digital experience you want to present.

Tribute Software Screen
School Showcase Screen
Food and Beverage Screen
Food and Beverage Screen
Healthcare Screen
Lobby Attendant Screen
Building Directory Screen
Building Directory Screen

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