Benefits of a Zoo Kiosk (Explained by Animals)

The Top Zoo Kiosk Benefits

top zoo kiosk benefitsNo matter how you slice it, just about any zoo kiosk is going to take a heavy beating.  But they are more than just a rugged commercial grade solution. Here we outline the top zoo kiosk benefits and how they help zoo operations run smoothly!

While it may not always be at the hands of an ornery baboon, a self-service kiosk in a zoo setting is going to see a lot of use throughout its lifetime. And it’s easy to see why; electronic kiosks bring a menagerie (pun very much intended) of benefits to any zoo, recreational area or theme park.

“What kind of benefits,” you may be asking? Well, we could write a serious piece all about the benefits of a zoo kiosk, but this is the internet, and cute animals should explain things whenever possible, right?

So, without further ado here’s the Top Four benefits of a Zoo Kiosk (Explained by Animals)

1. Exhibit Information with a Zoo Kiosk

zoo kiosk informationIn most aspects of life (but especially in a zoo) it’s advisable to go into every situation as informed as possible. To help your patrons avoid the kind of shock that our long-necked friend did when he met his first peacock, a kiosk can be a great way for visitors to learn more about the many animals in your exhibits.

Self service information kiosks are engaging and a great way to bring attention to events and attractions. They offer visitors detailed information that might otherwise we missed and are also an excellent promotional tool for special attractions, deals or memberships!

2. Wayfinding

wayfinding zoo kioskYou know those days where the zoo keeper is being a little stingy with the fish and you need to find the seafood shack at the food court before your next show? No? Well, I’m guessing these penguins do.

For new visitors, wrong turns and walking circles around the park is one of the few drawbacks to an exciting day at the zoo. With a few strategically placed zoo kiosks around the grounds, patrons and penguins alike can easily figure out where they are and how to get where they’re going.

This makes visitors happy and allows them more time to see and enjoy all that the zoo has to offer.

We’ve got just one thing to say to that: Holy mackerel! Oh, yeah, we’re piling on the puns today.

3. Point of Sale Opportunities

zoo point of saleThere’s nothing worse than trying to make it to a special event or performance, getting there just in the nick of time, and finding a monstrous line for tickets. But with a self-service solution that’s equipped with a credit card reader, you can keep those lines moving quickly and your visitors from missing out on a moment of the show.

Zoo kiosks are a great way to provide consistent messaging, sales and service with the ability to advertise, up sell or present the user with options as desired.

Trust us, these kiosks are so simple that even a monkey could … whoops, sorry.

4. Reduced Demand on Staff

zoo reduce staffFrom feeding and caring for the animals to trying to sweep up with a misbehaving panda, your staff has their hands full. All of the full-time residents of the zoo keep them hopping. Add on questions and needs of the human visitors, and things can get crazy.

Interactive kiosks for sales, wayfinding, and informational purposes are a cost-effective way to keep the small stuff off your staff’s plate.

This allows zoo employees to spend more time focusing on bigger duties. This results in enhanced hospitality services that keep customers coming back year after year.

There are lots of other ways that zoo kiosks are being used to streamline processes and better serve the public while maximizing zoo resources.

zoo detroit kiosk

Pictured here are the zoo kiosks in use at the Detroit Zoological Society. These wall mounted kiosks encourage users to learn more about the current attractions and sign up for the zoo newsletter.

This is a great to build your audience and make sure people know when new and exciting things are happening at the zoo!

To find out what an automated kiosk can do for your zoo or theme park, contact one of our Project Consultants today at (603) 865-1000.

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