7 Reasons Why Zamok Is the Best Kiosk Software Available

Zamok BoxIf you were to ask us who makes the best self-service software for kiosks,  we’d instantly think back to the words of boxing legend Muhammad Ali:

“It’s hard to be humble when you’re as good as I am.”

Why is Zamok the best Software for Kiosks?

In spite of all of those childhood lessons about the virtues of humility, talking up our Zamok software suite is a pastime that never seems to get old. Are we a little biased? Sure. But even if it weren’t our product, we’d be hard pressed to deny that the deep bench of capability that comes with the Advanced Kiosks Zamok software suite is an unparalleled solution in the self-service industry.

The Difference is Engineering

While some of our competitors are content to sell you a spiffy steel box and touchscreen without software, or pawn you off to some third party software company to try and figure out how to put your kiosk to work, that is not what you will get with Advanced Kiosks. We have many years of experience solving the challenges of self service technology and developing the hardware and software solutions that deliver results. We believe our customers deserve a one stop self-service shop where they can get a complete solution that’s built to project specifications.

I can go on and on about the ways in which our competitors specialize in providing half the solution, but we believe that good work like Zamok should always speak for itself. With that in mind, here’s just a sample of the ways that Zamok stands unopposed as the best software for kiosks.

1) Cloud Kiosk Management

If you’re operating a large fleet of customer-facing kiosks, the very last thing you want to do is manually manage each and every one of these kiosks by hand. Besides the obvious time drain and impractical nature of needing to go up to every individual kiosk location to review its performance and check for potential problems, this maintenance approach is disruptive to use and can impede service at the times when you most need your kiosks running smoothly.

With Zamok’s Cloud Kiosk Management tools, you can review workflow and productivity of your kiosk locations, do deep dives into user data and other metrics, and even monitor system performance for any problems from the comfort of any desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

We know you can’t be everywhere at once, with Zamok, you don’t have to be!

2) Alerts and Notifications 

Text-KioskNo matter your industry or line of work, there are going to come times where you find yourself out of the office. In such cases, when you’re on the job site, on the road, or just plain on the move, Zamok’s SMS Alert System makes sure you can still remain in constant communication with your kiosk network.

Whether you’re down the hall in a meeting or across the country at a trade show, real time text message alerts from Zamok will keep you and your management team in the loop. Receive minute by minute performance stats, printer or media status, and instant notification of any network issues, outages.

3) Driver’s License & Credit Card Capture

If you are researching software for kiosks, you undoubtedly know that user input error is a common challenge for transaction performance and integrity of data. When information is entered incorrectly, the end result is a process failure that impedes effective customer service and clouds the accuracy of your data.

Our answer to that? A state-of-the-art information capture mechanism.

With the simple swipe or barcode of a driver’s license or credit card, name, mailing address, date of birth, card number and other information fields will be automatically populated. What’s more, all of this functionality is backed up by our steadfast commitment to utilizing secure encryption to keep customer information out of harm’s way. Zamok never stores payment or personal information but can capture that data with accuracy and securely allow your third party processing systems to perform their duties and process transactions.

4) Eco-Friendly Settings

Green KioskWith an eye toward giving our customers the tools to conserve, save the planet and contribute to the bottom line, our software for kiosks come equipped with our eco-friendly Green Timer mode. Based on Windows hibernation technology, Green Timer allows users to designate daily hibernation hours, or even entire days for closures and US holidays. And when it’s time to start using the kiosk again, simply touch the screen and you’re good to go — no lengthy restart times to slow you down.

In addition to shrinking your carbon footprint and saving you between $80 and $120 per year in electric costs, scheduling regular hibernation will help to keep your kiosks in tip top shape for years to come.

5) Remote Technical Support

Like your car refusing to make that funny sound when it’s actually in the presence of a mechanic, being unable to convey a problem to a technical support professional is one of the most frustrating things on earth. While we engineer our kiosks to be user friendly pillars of continuous service, hiccups are never 100% avoidable in the world of technology.

If assistance is needed configuring your kiosk or if an issue ever arises, Zamok allows our technical support staff to remote into your kiosks in order to quickly diagnose and repair any issue that you may be experiencing.

6) Kiosk Screen Templates

Speaking of making our kiosks user friendly, that goes double for the easy design tools included to create the homepage and interface for your users.

From retail to self storage, manufacturing to education, we design our kiosks to serve wide variety of markets in a slew of industries. For just that reason, Zamok includes a simple Homepage tool that makes it easy as can be for people without technical skills to customize your kiosk screens, display logos, images, buttons, and links to any desired web content.

7) Surveys and Reviews

Besides the increased productivity and reduced


pressure on staff, automated kiosks running Zamok software have one other tremendous benefit: Data.

As a centralized, integrated tool that your customers and patrons physically interact with, your kiosks can serve as a valuable marketing and research tool for your organization. With the help of Zamok’s built in and easy to configure user surveys, your kiosk can help your organization collect the sort of data and critical feedback that plays an invaluable role in improving the customer experience and the value of your investment.

Of all of the amazing things about our Zamok software suite, the most impressive detail is that the entire suite is pre-installed and ships with every kiosk we make, and all of the functionality is absolutely free for one whole year with the purchase of any kiosk. Why do this? Simply put: We’re so confident that you’ll fall in love with Zamok, that we’re willing to pick up the tab while you test the waters.

Believe it or not, this list barely scratches the surface on the wide array of tools and benefits that our Zamok software for kiosks brings to the self-service table.

Truly, Zamok is the difference between a partial kiosk solution and a complete one. Get your interactive kiosk up and running fast with the power to do more!For a deeper dive on all of the tricks and tools available in our Zamok Software Suite, check out our Zamok product page.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog. For questions about any of our self-service hardware and software solutions, you can connect with one of our Project Consultants by filling out this form, or by dialing 1 (866) 783 – 3791.   

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