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lobby attendant software

Enhance your lobby with Lobby Attendant®, our way-finding and building directory software. It’s easy to get started. Choose a base template from our library for the look and layout of your interface, add a picture and your company logo for a custom look, customize maps of your building or campus, upload your departments and personal information and you’re up and running.


There are a wide variety of options: connect your Lobby Attendant® to a RSS feed for news, sports or local current information, enable your guests to complete a survey, view the weather, link to local attractions, as well as search for faculty and staff members. All while knowing that you control what the user will be able to do. With additional options of adding VOIP calling, text messaging, signing in customers with a printed name tag and picture, Lobby Attendant will improve your customers’ experience. Click on the tabs below to see all the Lobby Attendant’s functionality.

Lobby Attendant® is easy to setup and easy to use. Choose a base template from our library for the look and layout of your interface, add a picture and your company logo for a custom look, customize maps of your building or campus, upload your departments and personal information and you’re up and running.

The Lobby Attendant welcome screen invites your guests to interact with the touch screen kiosk. Choose customization options to design the building directory software to meet your needs.

lobby-attendant-welcome-screenCOMMON HOME PAGE ITEMS

Company Logo • Local Weather • Welcome statement • Staff Directory • Building Map
Language Choices • Help Icon



The Building Directory software template gets customers where they need to go in a simple and quick manner.directory person city kiosk software

The user sees a building directory, but when a business or company is touched, they can view detailed information. Lobby Attendant can be constructed as a horizontal or a vertical template.

  1. The bottom still has hot buttons that gives visitors options for finding other information. 
  2. Handicap Icon is available for ADA compliancy
  3. Customize any text shown on the page
  4. Choose any color template or background imagery

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Finding your way is easier when you can see where you need to go.  floor plan kiosk software

Maps can be viewed from the main interface or from any department or person that a visitor wants to locate. Display multi maps for different navigation steps. Have one map showing visitors the location of the elevator, and then another map includes the steps where they go when they get to the level of their destination.

  1. We include a map editor that enables you to add arrows, starting locations, ending locations, and text for custom navigation for your guests.
  2. Display your hot buttons for easy navigation
  3. Choose what you prefer to display about staff members or departments

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Add a sign-in solution to your lobby attendant kiosk so visitors can sign in and print a name tag if desired. lobby kiosk software

The sign-in process can be customized with mandatory questions and a picture of the visitor. All visitors are entered into a database for easy reference.

  1. Option of a portrait photo for nametags or check in procedures
  2. Customize the look and feel of your sign-in screen
  3. Choose filtering questions as optional or mandatory
  4. Save all sign-in data as a lead generation tool

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For lobbies with security measures, getting a hold of the person you came to see is essential.

VIOP calling

With Lobby Attendant, you can add the VOIP solution to talk with someone from the staff menu or a particular department.

After your visitor finds the person they are looking for, all they have to do is touch on the phone hand set to make a call.

  1. Option of using the speaker installed in the kiosk, or picking up the headset for a private call
  2. Choose the text message option and send a message to your recipient

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Setting up and maintaining Lobby Attendant is quick and easy with the Lobby Manager console.lobby manager kiosk software

Lobby Manager allows you to upload company lists, departments and employees. Upload pictures for background images, logos and icons for buttons.

Build wayfinding maps for companies, directory, departments or employees workspaces and manage screensavers.

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