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What is Onboarding & Customer Success?

A key benefit of working with Advanced Kiosks is its Onboarding & Customer Success service, an essential offering that gets customers up and running quickly and helps deliver maximum results immediately.

It includes hands-on assistance, guidance and training that provides everything a customer needs to get started with their self-service project.

Customers are assigned an Onboarding Specialist who proactively works with them to help implement the project.

The Onboarding Specialist continually monitors the production timeline and schedules regular check-ins to keep projects running smoothly.


A new order is received, initiating the Onboarding process. Sales department shares customer's contact information, product type, use case information and other relevent project details with a dedicated Onboarding Specialist.

Onboarding Specialist reaches out to customer to schedule a meeting. Project goals and timelines are established, setting expectations for the path forward. The Onboarding Specialist explains all options, answers all questions and addresses any concerns.

Our Production team assembles the kiosk(s) by hand here in our Concord, NH warehouse according to project specifications. The accompanying Zamok Kiosk Management Software profile is configured, and the customer is trained extensively on how to manage their kiosk(s), all from the comfort of their desktop.

After a discussion about the customer's functional and aesthetic vision, the user interface is designed by a Zamok expert using the homepage editor. Upon completion, the interface is inspected and tested by the Advanced Kiosks UI/UX team. A meeting is scheduled by the Onboarding Specialist to review progress with the customer and determine next steps.

Our quality assurance (QA) process is meticulously crafted to ensure our products and solutions exceed industry standards and meet the specific needs of our customers. After assembly and configuration is completed, every kiosk undergoes a thorough testing process, including hardware reliability tests, software compatibility assessments, and user experience evaluations.

Our shipment and delivery process is tailored to ensure your self-service solutions arrive safely and efficiently. Our kiosks, being large and heavy, are shipped on pallets or in crates via freight services. Understanding the importance of planning, your Onboarding Specialist coordinates with you to set a delivery appointment, ensuring someone is available to receive the shipment and avoid any re-delivery fees. Tracking information is provided to ensure transparency throughout the delivery process.

The kiosk deployment process is designed to be seamless and efficient, ensuring that our customers can integrate our solutions into their environments with minimal disruption. Upon arrival, your Onboarding Specialist provides detailed instructions to guide you through the installation process, ensuring that each kiosk is set up correctly and integrated into the existing network and systems.

Our support continues beyond the initial deployment, as the Customer Success phase begins when the Deployment step is complete. To learn more about the Customer Success phase, continue reading below.


Three months after kiosk deployment, the Onboarding Specialist follows up to check in on progress and review helpful Zamok features such as Reports, Notifications, and how to access Support. The main intent is to ensure that the solution is working as intended and the customer is getting the most value out of their solution.

The Onboarding Specialist requests photographs of the customer's kiosk solution in their facilities for marketing purposes, and inquires whether they would be willing to provide a referral for other potential projects in their industry.

The Onboarding Specialist explores potential enhancements for the kiosk, asking clients about additional needs and updating them on new features. This step also involves discussing the creation of a "success story" based on the client's experiences, highlighting the benefits and improvements realized through their kiosk implementation.

The Onboarding Specialist presents industry-specific use cases and shares best practices and tips to enhance the client's kiosk performance. This session is designed to provide valuable insights and inspire new ways to leverage the kiosk effectively. Additionally, the specialist discusses the advantages of the latest Zamok kiosk management software updates since the client's initial deployment, emphasizing how these updates can further optimize operations, improve user experience, and add new functionalities to their existing configuration.

The Onboarding Specialist offers updated training and advisory services to ensure the client continues to maximize the benefits of their kiosk solutions. A customer testimonial is requested to gauge satisfaction and gather feedback, which is essential for ensuring that services not only meet but exceed expectations. Finally, the specialist determines the customer's level of satisfaction and discusses the renewal of their subscription.

Prince William County Courthouse

Prince William County

“We employ a lot of technology in the office, and there’s always hiccups and glitches. We’ve had none of that with Advanced Kiosks. They have thought through everything; While it was not quite plug and play, it’s about as close to plug and play as a kiosk could be. I’ve been so impressed!”

Jacqueline Smith
Clerk of Court, Prince William County



Pittsburg, CA Housing Authority

Pittsburg Housing Authority

“The cost is so low that it doesn’t make sense for people not to do this.”

“One of the biggest problems we have is receiving documents and having them find their way to the correct housing
specialist, and this eliminated it. Now, no one leaves the office with any doubt about the delivery of their important

Housing Manager, Pittsburg Housing Authority



Regional Partnering Center, Pima, AZ

Regional Partnering Center

“I am constantly being called by other members of the US Forest Service, the National Park Service, or other recreation venues to see what we’re doing… They want to know everything about the kiosks.”

“We’re really proud of what we’ve done. The previous vendor was 100% cash… We’re at 97% debit/credit now…
The kiosks are a critical component of our business”

Rob Samuelsen
Consultant, Regional Partnering Center
Pima Association of Governments



Imperial Brands

Imperial Brands

“The flexibility in configuration, and the support received would be the main differentiators we see with your kiosks.”

“The ability to wrap them in our own graphics, the rugged housing and the ability to use our own PC have been our favorite things.”

Cian Power
Category Manager, Imperial Brands



Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company

Imperial Brands

“We particularly appreciate the management software that allows us to see status without having to go to the actual kiosk.”

“The upgrade process itself was made easy by your team taking the lead in managing the upgrade.”

IT Systems Analyst, Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company



Our personalized and comprehensive approach ensures that clients are fully supported from setup to deployment and beyond.

By focusing on the specific needs and challenges of each client, providing ongoing support, and conducting detailed reviews at critical post-deployment milestones, we ensure that every kiosk implementation is optimized for success.

This level of dedicated service, which includes expert training, systematic follow-ups, and actionable insights, sets Advanced Kiosks apart from competitors.

It underlines our commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding customer expectations, fostering long-term relationships, and ensuring that every interaction with our technology creates positive and impactful user experiences.

Read about some of our customer success stories below:

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