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Use Case: Interpretation

Kiosks for Audio and Video Interpretation

In today’s multi-lingual world, businesses often struggle to support their clients in a variety of languages. Advanced Kiosks has partnered with LanguageLine Solutions to create an intuitive touch screen kiosk solution, providing on-demand audio and video interpretation in hundreds of languages at the touch of a button.

Simply choose between the Interpretation and American Sign Language (ASL) options on the main screen. The user will then be directed to LanguageLine’s selection of available languages, or in ASL’s case, directly to the video call. From there, the kiosk user will be connected with a live, remote interpreter.

Self-Service Transit Kiosk for Self Storage

Common Uses & Benefits

  • World-class, On-demand Audio and Video Interpretation
  • 240+ Available Languages
  • 24/7 Sales and Service
  • Personal Information Security
  • Remote Management
  • Weekly Reports
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • 3 Year Hardware Warranty


  • 22″ Multi-touch Screen Monitor
  • Two Mounted VoIP Handsets
  • Built-in Web Camera
  • 16 Gauge Steeel Enclosure
  • Integrated Computer System with Hardware and Memory
  • Amplified Stereo Speakers
  • Wi-Fi and Cat 6 Connection
  • Windows 10 Professional

Should Your Business Employ Interpretation Services?

Due to this solution’s simplicity and resourcefulness, it is an excellent fit for organizations from all industries, from hospitals and government facilities to finance corporations and universities. Regardless of industry, your organization can benefit from providing world-class audio and video interpretation or translation services. Now with 10% of Americans having either limited English proficiency or hearing loss, the need for professional, on-demand interpretation has never been greater.


  • LIMITED ENGLISH SPEAKING: Over 25 million people in the US struggle with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). By providing translation options or interpretation services in over 240 languages, your organization can broaden and diversify your customer base all while enriching the communication process.
  • HARD OF HEARING AND FUNCTIONALLY DEAF: Today, about 10 million Americans are hard of hearing, while 1 million are functionally deaf. This means roughly 1 in 20 US citizens suffer from a hearing impairment. Video interpretation and live American Sign Language (ASL) services can empower these customers.