2D Barcode Scanner Solution for Driver’s Licenses

Adding a 2D Barcode Scanner Saves Your Customers’ Time

Previously we had offered a driver’s license scanning solution through the use of photo capture. The way this worked is that the technology would take a photo of your driver’s license and it would then input the information into form fields on any web page (or application) from the captured image. It was a good solution, but as Howard likes to say, “If you’re going to do it, make it great!”

At Advanced Kiosks, we are always striving to bring our current, and potential, customers the best solutions at the fairest cost. Quality is extremely important to us, and the new Driver’s License Scanning Solution not only performs better but it is also less expensive. It’s a win-win all around!

The logic that went behind our move to a 2D barcode scanner, besides it being faster, more accurate and less expensive, is because it involves something that most people in the US and Canada carry in their wallet – a driver’s license.  Both the United States and Canada have implemented 2D barcodes (PDF417) on their citizens’ driver’s licences. This makes our new 2D barcode scanner solution both relevant for your organization and extremely valuable for your customers.

The reason the barcode is so important on all of the drivers licenses is because every state has a different layout, but all of the same information.  The barcode gathers all the information and allows us to input it in correct fields, even though each license looks completely different.  With the old solution each state’s license layout had to be programmed, and if the license changed it had to be updated.  This was not only time consuming, but a cost was associated with each update.  Now there is a barcode that holds all of the same information, and the layout of the license is no longer a factor.

The solution works by holding your driver’s license 2D barcode up to the laser scanner which will then populate the individual form fields. The 2D barcode scanner reads the information lightning fast; blink and it has input your information to the correct form fields. Considering how long it would take to type all of your information out, this solution saves a significant amount of time for everyone involved – the person using the kiosk, the people in line waiting to use the kiosk and the people on your team who can now focus on other important tasks. It also enhances the overall customer experience with the use of a simple self service technology solution.

Click the image below to watch a 45 second walkthrough of our 2D barcode scanner solution

2d barcode scanner solution video


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