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The Advanced Kiosks Advantage is what makes the difference!

If you have shopped the kiosk market, you will find that there are a slew of kiosk suppliers. The reality is: a kiosk alone is not of value to your organization without the software and integration.

Advanced Kiosks excels in delivering turn-key solutions that are easily implemented and give you the power to do more from day one! Don’t get duped into buying a problem, know the true value of working with an experienced team that delivers the complete solution and the ROI you are looking for.

There are many reasons why the Advanced Kiosks Advantage makes us known as a leader in the interactive kiosk industry, but first and foremost, we are an experienced team of engineers and the partner you need to get the job done. Below are some examples of things to consider when evaluating the best partner for your self service kiosk project.

A Kiosk From Us

Complete “Turn-Key” System

  • Deployment Ready
  • Shipping To Final Destination
  • Plug-in and Go

Kiosk Software Included

  • Lock Down Hacker Proof Security
  • Remote Kiosk Management & Administration
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Usage Statistics & Monitoring

World Class Support Options

  • Experienced Technical Staff
  • Project Guidance
  • Remote Support to Your Kiosk
  • We Do it All!

A Kiosk From Them

Just a “Bootable Box”

  • Not Deployment Ready
  • Requires IT Involvement
  • Significant Effort Required Prior to Use

Software Limited or Not Included

  • Hackable or Requires Coding
  • Need 3rd Party Admin Tools
  • Canned Software / Multiple 3rd Parties
  • No Utilities, Reports or Alerts

Bundled Products From Resellers

  • Kiosks Not Their Primary Focus
  • Limited Engineering / Inflexible
  • Limited By Supplier Resources
  • No In-House Expertise

The result is added value for the customer, a more successful kiosk project, greater ROI and happier end users. Call us today to get started!



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