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There are many reasons why Advanced Kiosks is so well known as a leader in the interactive kiosk industry, but first and foremost, we are an experienced team of engineers and innovators.

If you have shopped the kiosk market, you will find that there are a slew of kiosk manufacturers. The reality is: a kiosk alone is not of value to you and your organization without the software, integration, content, peripherals, quality and functionality to deliver the services and ROI you need. Advanced Kiosks excels in delivering turn-key solutions that are easily implemented and give you the power to do more from day one!

Here are some reasons why:

3 Year Warranty
When we say 3 Year Warranty, we mean it. Not just on the metal enclosure, but for every component within your computer kiosk. This is unmatched in the industry and is a cornerstone of our standards for excellence. Most other manufacturers will provide a one-year warranty or maybe longer on just the metal box. That kind of deal is designed to allow the warranty to expire before something fails, which it most likely will if consumer grade components are used (see quality section below). In a nutshell, you can not beat our 3 year warranty and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Kiosk Software
More than just a pretty kiosk on the outside, we offer a variety of Kiosk Software products that allow users to administrate and manage dozens of kiosks in the field or provide dynamic content and services. The flagship kiosk software product that is really the brains of the operation is our Zamok Kiosk Software suite. This powerful set of tools ships pre-installed on every kiosk model that we sell and delivers a wealth of features to manage your kiosks and support a host of functionality. Zamok also makes integration with your third-party software or web-based content a breeze!

Additionally, we also offer a number of other specialty software products such as Lobby Attendant building directory software, QLINE queuing system software, Tribute memorial, sports and alumni software and more.

In-House Engineering
We proudly design all of our self-service products and develop our own kiosk software. Because we have a talented team of kiosk software and hardware engineers on staff, we have the capability to modify or provide custom development for large-scale projects. Having this kind of in-house skill is something that is rare in the industry. Often, when purchasing kiosk products from other manufacturers, the customer will be on their own to figure out how to make it work, how to make it do what they need it to, and how to keep it running. This is just unrealistic for companies that are short on IT resources, and even if you do have the resources, it’s still a potential nightmare to manage. At Advanced Kiosks, we have the know-how and the ability to make it happen, the way you need it to.

Experience in Self Service
Advanced Kiosks is owned by H32 Engineering which launched this thriving company back in 2003. Over those 15 plus years, we have created and delivered thousands of self service kiosk solutions spanning dozens of industries. We have created many custom designs and guided our product development to match the changing needs of the industry. This experience shines through in our solutions and with the level of customer satisfaction we consistently attain.

Quality Standards
One of the distinct differences between us and the competition is our high bar for quality. This is something that is apparent in our processes and systems but also in the components we use in each model. Unlike our competitors, Advanced Kiosks uses only Commercial Grade components; other manufacturers may save money and use a cheaper Consumer Grade option. By using American-made commercial grade parts, we have an excellent performance record and customers can expect longevity from their investment. Now that’s value!

World Class Support
Not to toot our own horn, but we are pretty awesome in the support category. This stems from a philosophy of knowing that the customer experience extends well beyond the sales process and many times induces repeat customers. It is our goal to ensure that each project is well executed, maintained and is an ongoing asset to our customers while also being something we are proud to have our brand on.


All of this amounts to added value for the customer and in turn, a more successful project, greater ROI and happier end users. Call us today to get started!