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The world is constantly evolving, and it’s no different when it comes to the self-service industry. New applications, new hardware and new software are being introduced on nearly a daily basis.

Advanced Kiosks is proud to be at the forefront of many of those changes. And to share what’s taking place at the company and the new offerings we’ve introduced, we’ve launched a quarterly newsletter.

Here’s a sample of what’s been happening at our New Hampshire headquarters and beyond:

New software

Advanced Kiosks recently released Office Extension 3.0, a groundbreaking update to its popular self-service office management system. This update is in conjunction with a major update of Zamok 3.0, Advanced Kiosks’ proprietary kiosk management software.

Key features of Office Extension 3.0 that have been updated and added include new translation capabilities, new and improved secure file upload, human detection technology and much more.

Expanded deployments

Validating the value of those new features is a project that’s taking place in Prince William County, Va. In an effort led by Circuit Court Clerk Jacqueline Smith and funded by Virginia Technology grants, the Circuit Court of Prince William County has rolled out 11 of Advanced Kiosks’ Office Extension 3.0 kiosks to increase public access to services.

The kiosks are located in several locations throughout the county (no longer just the courthouse) to accommodate the busy lifestyles of residents who are unable to visit the courthouse during restrictive office hours. Here’s our case study on this project.

New hardware

For those who need self-service solutions in places where deploying a traditional kiosk might be difficult or impossible, Advanced Kiosks has introduced a new No-Power Kiosk, a tablet kiosk that does not require 110 power. Instead, it draws electricity via an ethernet cable that serves as an all-in-one power source and internet connection. The No-Power Kiosk is offered in both a wall-mounted or counter-based version, making it ideal for uses where space is tight and access to an electrical source is limited.

Because the No-Power Kiosk doesn’t require a power outlet, it opens the door to new possibilities for customer engagement or information dissemination. It can be easily moved around and placed in unconventional or remote locations such as temporary events, trade shows, conferences, or pop-up installations.

Value-added services

And to help ensure each self-service project is a success, Advanced Kiosks provides an onboarding service, an essential offering that gets customers up and running quickly and helps deliver maximum results. The onboarding service includes everything needed to get your solution deployed. An onboarding specialist continually monitors the production timeline and schedules regular check-ins to keep your project running smoothly.

These are just a few of the exciting things happening here at Advanced Kiosks, so be sure and check out the newsletter page to see what else is happening. If you’d like to learn more about what we do and read a few or our success stories, visit our Resources page.

Keep an eye out for the next edition of the newsletter, slated to come out in December. If you’re interested in exploring self-service solutions for your operation, contact one of our experts.

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