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Southwestern Vermont Medical Center Uses Vendor Kiosks to Vet Vendors Upon Arrival

Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC) now prescreens all outside vendors with five Compact Power Kiosks from Advanced Kiosks, one of the largest producers and innovators of self-service kiosks in the country. The self-service kiosks are located at main entryways throughout the medical complex and stand ready to greet the 20 to 30 vendors who visit the 99-bed community hospital every week.

“Part of our mission statement is to create a healthier and safer environment for our patients,” said Michael Brockgreitens, SVMC’s director of Materials Management. SVMC-vendor-using-compact-power-kioskNow we can validate these people, know who they are, and be sure they meet the same standards as our staff and volunteers. We are committed to protecting our patients, and these computer kiosks assure us that all visiting reps have received background checks, been drug tested and have the proper immunizations, explained Brockgreitens.

SVMC’s kiosks draw data from a popular third party credentialing manager called Vendormate, which serves both health care providers and suppliers. When reps enter the hospital, their first stop is a wall-mounted kiosk. “I was surprised to see how recognizable the kiosks were for the vendors,” said SVMC
desktop support specialist Michael LaRoche. “They see the sign-in screen, and they know exactly what to do.”

If the rep works for a company that uses Vendormate and is already registered in the system, he or she only needs to check in. The kiosk then prints out a validation badge complete with pre-uploaded photo, name and other basic indentifying info. For guest vendors who are not prescreened, the kiosk asks a series of questions and then prints a 24-hour courtesy badge. SVMC allows a vendor up to three courtesy badges before he or she must be credentialed by Vendormate.

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