The Merchant Max: Kiosk Customer Service for Fast Food, Retail, & More

Merchant Max Screen TestToday, Advanced Kiosks announces the debut of the Merchant Max Kiosk, the latest development in kiosk customer service technology to roll off the New Hampshire-based manufacturer’s assembly line. Engineered with point of sale satisfaction as the primary objective, the Merchant Max Kiosk was designed to be the ultimate force multiplier for food service, retail, movie theaters, and other high traffic sales settings.

With brick and mortar businesses facing increasing pressure from online competition, tech savvy point of sale businesses of every stripe are in search of innovative ways to foster the unique service experiences that turn patrons into lifetime customers. Enter the Merchant Max: Advanced Kiosks’ answer to the drive to meet the ever-growing demand for quick and efficient kiosk consumer experiences.

While the Merchant Max does come with a variety of optional features, Advanced Kiosks’ team of engineers has set out to ensure that even the standard model is fully equipped to be a lean, mean, kiosk customer service machine — ready to start supporting a customer service team as soon as it’s plugged in.

Fast Food Merchant Max KioskGiven the large volume that defines so many retail and fast food settings, the Merchant Max was deliberately designed to excel at the sort of time consuming tasks that distract customer service associates from the high-level work that their efforts are best directed toward. Some of the more noteworthy functions of the Merchant Max include:

• Placing food and other purchase orders
• Customizing orders to fit specific customer tastes
• Advertising special promotions and other events
• Automated checkout
Increase sales with easy upselling
• And much more!

The standard Merchant Max includes a 32” vertical dual touch screen, an 100% steel chassis, an Intel i3 core processor, 4GB DDR3 memory, 120GB solid state drive, Wi-Fi with a tamper-proof high gain antenna, and stereo speakers.

In addition to the cutting-edge hardware, the Merchant Max comes preloaded our entire Zamok Software Suite. Complete with homepage lockdown, real-time security and performance monitoring, system restore capability, and cloud computing that enables the user to manage all of their kiosks from any computer or smartphone in the world, Advanced Kiosks’ Zamok Suite stands unopposed as the all-inclusive software component that makes their automated solutions truly remarkable.

Add to that their industry-leading 3 Year Warranty, and it’s easy to see why the Advanced Kiosks Advantage represents the gold standard for kiosk customer service technology.

Indeed, as fast food and retail establishments continue their drive to leverage automation as a way to reallocate their human staff toward more personalized tasks, the Merchant Max represents a multifunctional pillar that will bolster the customer service capability of any establishment it’s in. Speaking on the launch of his company’s new product, Advanced Kiosks president Howard Horn emphasized the superior durability of the Merchant Max.

“In the rush to automate, a lot of retail and food service settings were quick to adopt the sort of cheap self-service alternatives that amount to glorified tablets. Consider the round-the-clock customer service demands of your average fast food or retail setting, and it’s easy to see why those alternatives were something they came to regret,” remarked Horn. Going on to say that “Unlike those alternatives, every Merchant Max is constructed from 100% commercial grade components that are fully prepared for the day-to-day rigors of heavy usage.”

For over 15 years, Advanced Kiosks has been an innovator and leader in the development of hardware, software, and security for self-serve kiosks in a wide array of industries. All products are made in the USA, come equipped with their unmatched 3 Year Warranty, include a full suite of computer kiosk management software, and a robust technical support program.

Contact an Advanced Kiosks Project Consultant today for more information about the Merchant Max, or for a free consultation for the best self-serve options for your business or organization.

Merchant Max Screen Closeup

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