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Have a kiosk FAQ? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s been less than a decade since the smartphone took the world by storm, but it’s almost impossible to imagine a time before you could instantly Google any topic as soon as a question comes into your head. Whether it was getting into a circular argument with your friends about who the 29th President of the United States was or a debate with your significant other about what the recommended cooking temperature for chicken, the days of risking ignorance or salmonella by taking someone’s un-fact checked word for it are long gone.

(BTW: It’s Warren G. Harding and 165 ºF)

In much the same way, we over at Advanced Kiosks have been having a hard time imagining life before we launched our brand-new AK Knowledge Base: Your interactive one-stop shop for anything and everything related to self-service technology and curing the common kiosk FAQ.

Like all high-tech companies, we’re constantly releasing new products and services, or improving the ones that we already offer. With such a dynamic environment, we knew it was time to construct a living library of easily accessible answers to frequently asked questions and common snags of our customers.

Built to support our current customers while also providing background knowledge people who are in the market for an Advanced Kiosks solution, the Knowledge Base is 100% free, and is accessible to the public without the need for any sort of login or password account.

Complete with a search bar and broken up into seven kiosk FAQ parent categories that can be drilled down into targeted sub categories, the AK Knowledge Base makes it easy as can be to quickly get to an article for the topic that you’re looking for.

For example, if you wanted to find out how to adjust the display settings for the touchscreen of your kiosk, you could type “display settings” into the search bar, or click the General Troubleshooting parent category button.

AK Base 1

Then click on the Display Issues sub category button:

AK Base 2

And then click on the How to Adjust Display Settings article:

AK Base 3

Afterward, users can rate whether an article was helpful or not. In addition to helping our support team to better tailor the knowledge base to customer concerns, rating an article helps other knowledge seekers to more easily find the most useful information within the Knowledge Base.

AK Base 4

If a user is unable to find the answer to their question within the AK Knowledge Base, they can navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the “Submit Your Request” link, which takes them to the Technical Support Request page. This ensures that our Technical Support team will get back to the questioner with an answer, but it also allows us to log the question and answer for possible addition to the AK Knowledge Base. In this way, it’s our hope AK Knowledge Base serves as an ever-growing database that used the knowledge of our own team and the experiences our customers to assemble a living owner’s manual for all things Advanced Kiosks.

AK Base 5


But remember: It’s 2018, you have a smartphone, and you positively don’t have to take my word for it. So, do yourselves and favor and head on over to the AK Knowledge Base and take it for a test drive.



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