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Renting a Kiosk

A quick infographic guide for those of you wondering about renting a kiosk.

  1. Figure out what you need the kiosk for
    1. Is this an information kiosk? Donation kiosk? Advertisement kiosk? Figure out what you’re using the kiosk for and then make up a list of all the potential things you would like your kiosk to have.
  2. Research different kiosk rental companies
    1. Think about what you decided you want in a kiosk and what your price range is. Do your research and find the kiosk company that fits your needs the closest.
  3. Get a quote and speak to a sales rep
    1. Fill out a form to get a quote and answer the call from the sales rep. From there you should have developed a clear understanding about whether this kiosk company is the right fit and if the price fits your range.
  4. Ask important questions (see below)

Some Question You Could Ask

  • Which models do you have?
  • What type of software do you have?
  • What add-ons are available for renting?
  • Is this in our price range?
  • Do you drop off and set up the kiosk?
  • Any additional fees?
  • How does the kiosk return process work?
  1. Most will ship the kiosk to your event and help with setup and then come get the kiosk when the rental agreement has expired (quality of support depends on business)


  • Good for short-term use, i.e. a one-time event
  • Quicker delivery: kiosk is already made
  • No long-term maintenance
  • No software renewals / updates


  • Way more money in the long-term
  • Less customizable to needs (no add-ons)
  • Less brand representation: kiosk color and design
  • No extra software (basic package)

Renting a kiosk may take time and effort when it comes to choosing the most affordable and efficient kiosk. It’s worth the time to get the right kiosk for whatever event or fundraiser you need it for. You can learn more about our kiosks by going to: kiosk models

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