Secure Self Storage: How Can You Be Sure?

Secure self storage

You’re on the inter-webs looking for “secure self storage” and you happened to come across this article. Good thing, because I’m about to teach you how to decipher whether a self storage facility is secure or not.

Sure, there are the good ol’ fashioned security methods like:

  • Security camera
  • A regular lock 
  • A “beware of dog” sign


Problem is, people wear masks, locks get picked, and the facility owner’s dog is a bichon frise (super friendly breed).

While a security tape is a great thing to have after a theft has occurred, it’s also important to implement preventative technology so there are less break-ins to record. So, if you really want your belongings safe in self storage, you’re going to have to dig deeper. Technology that updated facilities have includes a kiosk, internal lock system, and break-in alarms. If the self storage facility you’re looking at has these three things, you can be sure your stuff is safe.

An Internal Lock

SecurGuard™ lock from Janus International Group™ locks from the inside of the storage unit in addition to the lock on the outside. It also locks the unit if the bill has not been paid but is in sync with the kiosk and unlocks as soon as the bill is paid so you have access to your unit immediately after payment. According to Christine DeBord, of PTI Security, “the SecurGuard™ lock from Janus International™ is only able to unlock once the gate code is entered into our keypad or mobile app”. This adds additional security to the facility to decrease the chances of a theft.
Pro Tip:  Disc locks and cylinder locks are recommended for the outside of the unit because they are difficult to cut and many self storage building managers will sell these locks in store for extra protection in addition to the internal security of the SecurGuard™ lock from Janus International™ .

A Superior Alarm System

Alarm systems are another important part of secure self storage methods. Individual door alarms help quickly decipher which unit has been burglarized and send a security message to the administrator and the owner of the unit. In addition, door alarms and electronic locks help keep tenants from accessing any unit other than their own. With a superior alarm system, every door is closely monitored and tamper alerts are available in real time if you have software that coincides with the security system. While you are touring a self storage facility, ask about the facility’s relationship with the local police and how quickly they arrive following a theft.


A Self-Service Kiosk

Lastly, a self-service kiosk is both convenient and integral to a complete safety system. In combination with internal locks and a premium alarm system, a kiosk can be used for secure check-in, registration, and bill pay. It can display alerts of theft and contact the administrator should the kiosk be tampered with. Usually, the purpose of implemented a kiosk in any business is to improve efficiency and convenience (among many other benefits). Unfortunately, in many cases improved convenience comes at the cost of high end security.

Many facilities are using kiosks to make their facilities automated, including our valued client Brad Minsley, CEO of 10Federal Self Storage. He used our freestanding model as an integral part of his goal to provide an automated, 24/7 facility for his customers. I had a quick chat with Mr. Minsley recently for an update on his automated facility and this is what he said.

“I think people are going that route [self-service] because it just seems more efficient. I haven’t seen any drawbacks from any segment of our customer base from going unmanned. Alot of people find that it provides a better level of service because if somebody wants their account statement, price per unit, or if someone just needs to move into a unit in the middle of the night, that is now available to them”.

Brad used the combination of PTI’s security systems, the SecurGuard™ lock from Janus, and Advanced Kiosks’ freestanding kiosk to provide a 24/7 automated facility that is both convenient and 100% secure.

self storage kiosk

If you have any additional questions regarding how to determine if a self storage facility is secure, you may contact us through email or by phone to talk with one of us.

More about PTI Security Systems

“PTI Security Systems is the leader in access control and security for the self storage industry. To date, there are more than 30,000 installations of PTI products in self storage facilities in over 30 countries. PTI provides the most innovative, durable and reliable security products in self storage and offers a wide range of integrated security solutions including keypads, wired and wireless door alarms, mobile apps for both renters and facility staff and powerful security software that integrates seamlessly with most management software on the market today. These durable products are designed to help self storage owners protect their investment for years to come and PTI’s experienced and dedicated team will help you find the perfect solution for your unique security needs” – Christine DeBord, PTI.

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