Self Service Storage Solutions for Every Climate

With our corner of New Hampshire caught in our first big snowstorm of the winter, I can’t think of a better opportunity to sing the praises of our all-weather self service storage kiosk and what it can bring to your facility.

enviro kiosk weatherLike any New England-born writer, the change of seasons always seems to bring out the Robert Frost in me. So, as I sit in near the warm glow of my desk lamp and watch the gently falling snow slowly but surely entomb my car, I’m reminded of a certain kiosk that specializes in thumbing its metaphorical nose at harsh conditions at both fringes of the thermometer: The Enviro Kiosk.

Designed like a sports car, runs like a tank

Though it’s easy to be deceived by its sleek minimalist design, our Enviro Kiosk is a tank-like piece of machinery that’s handily able to deliver consistent, high quality function in even the harshest of conditions. Sporting 14-gauge stainless steel chassis and a watertight outer shell, the Enviro’s durability makes it a perfect fit for outdoor settings like those of many storage facilities.

But the protection this durable self service storage kiosk offers doesn’t stop with rain or shine.

Thanks to the cutting-edge design methods of our crack team of engineers, the Enviro Kiosk is guaranteed to deliver the same top of the line tech experience the sort of extreme temperatures that would leave the human body feeling less than ideal.

What temperatures? Well, our rigorous product testing and customer experiences have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Enviro Kiosk can easily handle anything from 14°F to 122°F – far surpassing the average highs and lows for just about any spot in the continental US.

The missing component to any self service storage experience

enviro kiosk

No matter the size or the location, self-storage facilities draw their success from maintaining the perfect balance of customer-driven operating procedures. That means leveraging the self service storage solutions that maintain a low overhead and ensuring that 100% of the rental and storage process can be completed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and without the need for a human employee on site.

And most importantly (at least from the point of view of someone who’s considering chartering a dog sled just to help me navigate the parking lot) an Enviro Kiosk ensures that you’ll never have to worry about frigid blizzards of winter or sweltering dog days of summer standing in the way of the value getting in the way of the high quality service that your self-storage customers have come to expect of you.

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