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January 20, 2017

Self-Service Kiosks & Healthcare

In the past couple decades, and particularly since the first Obama administration, there have been laws and policies put in place to ensure the proper access of healthcare materials to patients. In addition, to ensure that these policies are being adhered to, each facility must register a certain (around 5%) of patients to their digital medical records platform. While this is a beneficial asset given to the public, it has also caused a lot of distress in the healthcare industry.


“The chief purpose of the technology is to make workflow more efficient by automating standard manual tasks, such as sign-in and bill pay. The intent is not to replace valuable and seasoned registration staff but to allow them to function more effectively by freeing them from long lines and piles of time-consuming paperwork”.

In healthcare, there’s more than just taking care of people and having a passion for the well being of a community. Unfortunately, a lot of paperwork is also involved in the process, both on the professional’s end and the client’s. Learn how self-service technology will improve client satisfaction and save time in your healthcare facility and sign up to receive our healthcare white paper, “Healthcare Kiosks: Improving Automated Tasks”. 

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