8 Ways Giving Kiosks are Making Giving Easier and How!

Giving Kiosks for the Holiday Season and Beyond!

Philanthropy & Self-Service Technology are Working Together to Provide an Easier Donation Process

Giving kiosks are a great way to give to your favorite cause, whether it be a congregation, a community effort, or a non-profit organization. This church kiosk technology helps to increase efficiency and decrease the need for volunteers to stand outside of every grocery store in town. This means more donations going to the cause, and less donations going to creating it. Giving kiosks are helping your favorite organizations increase non-profit funding on a local scale without needing to do any extra legwork.Church-Kiosk-Freestanding-OUR-Community

  1. A Giving kiosk helps the people who rarely carry cash: Forgot to take out money from the bank? No Problem, Kiosks take cards!
  2. Giving Kiosks help those who would love to donate, but are shy about it: Some people are less outgoing and prefer more privacy regarding what they are able to contribute.
  3. Kiosks are rentable! For a small monthly fee, you can rent a giving kiosk for the holiday season: That means affordability and convenience can be possible with self-service technology.
  4. Kiosks can collect contact information to inform them about future events and fundraisers: This gives the organization a way to keep in touch and thank their donors.
  5. Giving Kiosks can print out donation receipts, which are tax deductible: That way you can put your tax dollars towards causes you care about.
  6. Kiosks are more time-efficient: Which means people wont have to wait long to complete their donation, which allows a more enjoyable experience.
  7. More ways to donate means less volunteers standing outside in the cold weather: We know that the holidays sometimes come with challenging temperatures and precipitation.
  8. Giving kiosks create a win-win situation for the organization and the donor and results in more smiles!

Giving kiosks are just one of the ways that self-service technology helps make life easier. To learn more about self-service kiosks, and how you and your business/organization may benefit from a kiosk, click here!

Church kiosks come in a number of styles, some are freestanding and have wheels making them easy to position for services and events or store away when needed. Graphics and logos can be applied to the kiosks to reflect the organizations’ name or represent the cause or purpose of the kiosk.  Another popular use for self service kiosks in churches is child check-in for Sunday School programs and events.

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