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Visually Stunning i2 Kiosk is Eye-Catching & Interactive

Advanced Kiosks, one of the largest producers and innovators of self-service kiosks in the country, is proud to announce the release of its i2 Kiosk. Designed specifically for advertising and promotion, the i2 is Advanced Kiosks’ biggest and boldest model yet, but what sets it apart is the sheer volume of high-definition display space.

The i2 is a sleek, 6-foot-tall standout with a 46” LCD monitor that grabs attention from across the room and two 32” interactive LCD monitors to engage even the most reticent passersby. This unprecedented, three-monitor configuration caters to the retail and hospitality industries, but is predicted to be the solution of choice for any organization that relies on innovative marketing.

i2 KioskAdvanced Kiosks Founder and President Howard Horn has been designing computer kiosk hardware and software since 2000. “The self-service kiosk industry is coming of age. These machines are becoming commonplace for today’s consumers, so the time was ripe for a fresh, new design that is head and shoulders above the rest,” Horn explained. “The i2 is next generation; it’s the logical evolution of our popular iKiosk model that came out in 2005. I2 is already generating great buzz, and we’re excited about that.”

Retailers will use the i2 to promote sales, discounts and new products. Customers can sign themselves up for loyalty cards, reward programs and email notifications so cashiers no longer have to double as data entry clerks. For the hospitality industry, the i2 is perfect to introduce a facility to new guests, touting amenities and services. But i2 buyers hail from all sectors of the economy.

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