QLINE queuing software

Advanced Kiosks Revolutionizes the Way People Wait

February 13, 2015

New Queuing Software Keeps Customers Happy & Everyone Informed

Managing walk-in traffic efficiently and effectively is integral to success in both the public and private sectors today. That’s why Advanced Kiosks, an innovator of self-service systems, has developed Qline, simple and affordable queue management software designed to keep everyone in the loop. This 100% cloud-based software solution can track every visitor from the time they walk in the door until they leave.visitor-experience-image

How does Qline work? First, it is available as stand-alone software, but Qline really shines as a complete queuing solution. When a visitor arrives at an office, he or she can check in using any self-service computer kiosk. Walk-ins enter who they are and the reason for their visit by answering any number of preliminary questions necessary to optimize customer service.
That data is immediately uploaded to the server and then displayed on a monitor in the waiting area and receptionist station(s) to keep customers and staff constantly apprised of how people are flowing through the office. The Qline product demo details the process from start to finish and explains how Qline was designed for quick set-up and easy maintenance.

The full Qline solution includes a check-in kiosk, waiting area display monitor and cloud-based queuing software all offered together for a low monthly subscription that includes updates and support. The fully integrated solution means one service call answers all questions and fixes any problem; no buck passing.

Throughout each user interaction and afterward, Qline’s back-end manager provides real-time reporting and analytics such as average wait time, number of visitors, and the amount of time each employee spends with clients. It can also store, aggregate and analyze the demographic information and answers users provide to the preliminary questions asked during check-in.

Taken all together, this wealth of data will reveal trends in both the quality and quantity of walk-in traffic. Smart businesses use these discoveries to better plan for and serve their customers.

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