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Advanced Kiosks’ Interface Standards and ADA Compliance

February 16, 2017

ADA Compliance Top Priority For Advanced Kiosks

At Advanced Kiosks, we are dedicated to ensuring that people of all abilities are able to enjoy our kiosks.

In conjunction with ADA compliance, we have created our own set of standards to follow for every kiosk we design. We believe that if our kiosks are being used as a tool for accessibility to the public, that it is accessible to everyone. The goal of this initiative is to set not only a standard for ourselves, but for kiosk software developers who may choose to partner with us. As ADA compliance initiatives continue to grow, so will we. If you have a comment, update, or suggestion to any of the material listed, please contact sales@advancedkiosks.comcompact kiosk front left options

Handicap Button


Self-service kiosks in public buildings that have handicap capability should have a button on the interface so the public is aware of this accessibility. Generally, these images are standardized so that even if someone has poor sight, they can pick out the image. This image traditionally would be placed on the lower right side of the screen.

Help Button

A question mark on a green button is what we chose for our help button as it seemed the most universal option. The implied help is not meant for emergency purposes, which is why we didn’t choose red (seemingly the obvious choice).

ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance

The entire purpose of ADA Compliance is to ensure that, “all electronic and information technology must be accessible to people with disabilities”. For technology, ways to make the product more accessible include lowering phones, hiring employees who can help anyone use the technology, and adding braille, a microphone, or subtitles. We do our best to provide the most accessible product available to our customers. It’s not just a suggestion for manufacturers of technology, it’s the law as well. According to ADA standards, “an individual who believes that he or she or a specific class of individuals has been subjected to discrimination on the basis of disability by a public entity may, by himself or herself or by an authorized representative, file a complaint under this part”.


For any more information regarding these regulations, go to ADA REGULATIONS

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