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Temple Beth Sholom is a Jewish temple in Miami Beach, Florida, whose mission is, “to develop meaningful relationships and transformative experiences by committing to our core values of Spirituality (בודהAע vodah), Lifelong Education (תורהTorah), Community (קהילהKehilah), Israel (ישראלYisrael) and Repairing The World (תקוןעTikkun Olam)”. To honor the generosity of this tight-knit community, TBS created the Book of Life. Ilana Gilat, Director of Advancement, explains the Book of Life as this,
“The Book of Life is an online album of our legacy donors’ stories, their connection to the temple, and why they’re giving back. So we interview our donors, we write a story about them, and ask them for pictures at our temple in different experiences whether religious, social, or volunteer work. We then feature those stories on our kiosks”. – Ilana Gilat

Self-Service Kiosks

The purpose of the Book of Life is not just to share a list of legacy donors. The kiosk shares the donor’s story, starting Temple Beth Sholom and ending in the reason behind choosing to become a legacy donor. Every organization and denomination can benefit from the use of technology in their temple, church, and mosques can all use self-service technology to their benefit.

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