Church Check In Systems: Protecting Your Church Family

Church Check In Systems: Protecting Your Church Family

January 28, 2016

What is the number one, most important reason churches use interactive kiosks?

The overwhelming answer we hear is for  safe, secure church check in systems for childcare. Our infographic explains how church check in systems work and the important role they play by keeping your church family safe.


Church Check In Systems for Childcare

We invite you to read more about the role(s) interactive kiosks play at churches. Our whitepaper speaks to church check in systems for childcare, but also about saving time, space and kiosks for tithing. Click the button for immediate access to our paper.


From our whitepaper,

“Scanning a barcode requires much less shuffling of kids and gear than typing or filling out a form. The barcode attached to a family’s entry in your church management software system can be accessed on the kiosk’s screen, from a key chain or any other personal item. Seven SD Church issused membership cards similar to a grocery store’s ‘club cards’ with a unique barcode on each. Other churches have designed their own web applications so parents can use QR codes from their smartphones.”


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