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January 25, 2016

When you are considering an employee kiosk roll out for your organization there are standard functionalities that you will want to implement. It is also wise, however, especially for Human Resources planning, to consider the greater value an employee kiosk can bring to your company. Interactive kiosks were originally considered an HR portal, however a holistic approach to your kiosk project is necessary to truly realize the value of your self-service technology.

That being said, what are some other uses for an employee kiosk?

employees using a computer kiosk

Company Communications

Not every employee has an email address, or even a desktop computer, where they can receive communications about what is happening at your organization. Make it easy for employees to visit the company intranet by granting access through an employee kiosk. It’s easy to lock down what you want employees to have access to by using our ZAMOK software solution.

a man using a self service kiosk to place a voip call

MSDS Access

Certain industries need to have immediate, urgent access to MSDS information. Instead of fumbling through files and folders, keep the information current and easy to find (and print, if you choose) with the quick touch of a finger. MSDS information is essential to have available immediately for employees.


Receive Orders

Use your employee kiosk to increase efficiency and productivity. When an order of supplies arrives track it through your computer kiosks. This will eliminate paper processes, which can be hard to read, not filled out correctly and can also go missing. If you still need to have a hard copy, print it from the kiosk. If you want, you can also scan paperwork and email it to the correct person. Kiosk solutions should be flexible to be able to adapt to the needs of the business.


Back to employees who may not have access to a desktop computer, you can now provide e-Learning opportunities to your team when they need to update their knowledge base. These opportunities could be required learning such as company policy changes or new safety regulations. e-Learning could also be optional and the sky is the limit where that is concerned.

Payroll & Timeclock

Add a clock in/clock out function to your employee kiosks. This can be as simple as typing in a personalized code, or if you like, you can have biometrics track your employees’ time at work. If they need a hard copy of their pay stubs, they can print one from the interactive kiosk. Otherwise, everything can be paperless.

While we know an employee kiosk is valuable for managing HR portal functions like employee benefits management, time off requests, employee profile updates such as name changes or marital status, and other HR tasks, employee kiosk projects have so much more value when thoroughly planned out. Make sure you fully actualize your HRM software investment by creating an HR portal, but do not discount all of the other benefits an employee kiosk can bring to your company. Save time, money and increase employee satisfaction by developing the best kiosk strategy for your business.

Thank you for reading!

Feel free to have a look around and learn more on how self-service technology and computer kiosks can help your organization!


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