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Free Kiosk Software: What You Should Look For

November 7, 2016

This article is for the people who have been given a job by their boss to find a kiosk software to improve efficiency at the business you work for.

Maybe you’re the boss looking for the software yourself.  You’ve been posting on forums all day looking for answers but every free software you find is not capable of doing what you need it to do and has been bogging the computer down. Sure, there are some free kiosk software that can do the trick. For the most part, when it comes to free kiosk software it’s free because it’s not as reliable as the $10 a month option. If you are going to search for a decent free kiosk software, here are some things you should look for. 


Free Kiosk Software: What You Should Look For

  • Difficulty of Use?
  • What is it built off of?
  • How Secure is it?
  • What have other people said in reviews?
  • Reliability?

Things to ask yourself:

Are customers putting sensitive information into the kiosk?

While free kiosk software is an option, it can also be less secure than a software that costs money but has been designed with state of the art security against identity thefts (even cute thefts).


free kiosk software









Are transactions going through the kiosk?

Same problem. When people run their card through an unsecured kiosk, in a moment’s notice their card information could be stolen.




Does your business have a budget to work with for this project?

If your company is willing to shell out for at least the premium software (not necessarily the entire kiosk) it would literally cost as low as $10/a month for secure kiosk software. (You don’t have to spend thousands on software either, although I bet it’s possible) $10 is definitely worth knowing every month that your customers’ information is secure.








How much technical experience do you have?

Some free software is built off of linux, which can be a lot harder to use if you’re used to running applications from google chrome off of your laptop. Look into whether the software stands alone or if it operates off of a web browser. Look at the description. Does half of it look like a different language? Don’t download it.


free kiosk software








Can the software customize to your needs?

Most free software does not have custom settings or edits you can make to the software. If you need the software for a very specific project, free software may be out of the question.




Is this software malicious?

Aside from being able to tell from a webpage the legitimacy of the software, reading reviews is a good tactic. Look into software forums and read what others have said after using it. Regardless of how clearly they say that the not malicious software, you are always running the risk of downloading something potentially malicious to your computer. If that happens, your boss may reconsider giving you zero budget for a good, secure kiosk software.

For more information on kiosk software should you get a small budget for it, click here

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