Getting Started to Automate Self Storage (Infographic)

If you own a self storage facility or are planning to open one up, you are most likely aware of Self Storage Automation Kiosks or otherwise known as Self Storage Self Service. This technology is rapidly becoming the number one way that storage facility owners and operators are standing out from the competition and maximizing profit margins while scoring points for customer service. Using interactive kiosks to automate self storage operations, expands your availability and sales capacity by enabling unmanned self storage services 24 hours a day.

There are a number of steps involved to achieve automation with options for different levels of investment and varied expected return. All levels of self storage automation ultimately include a self service kiosk for the customer, but there are other steps to take and decisions to be made prior to purchasing the self storage kiosk.

We have created this Infographic to help illustrate how the different providers and services fit together, what order things should be done in, and a few suggestions for vendors to consider when you do your research. We hope you find this helpful and welcome your feedback and questions, enjoy!


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Self Storage Automation Infographic Max



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Large Scale Self Storage Automation

10 Federal Logo - Advanced KiosksIf you have a large self storage complex or a series of locations that need to be set up for or converted to automated facilities, there are a number of experienced consultants in the industry such as 10 Federal that offer services to make that happen.

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