Government Case Study: Austin Visitors Center

Austin Visitors Center & Self-Service Kiosks

Austin Visitors Center in Austin, Texas, is run by the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau. Ryan Holbrook, IT Support Manager, is in charge of the development and implementation of technology at the AVC. The ACVB recognized a need for visitors to get all the information they needed instantaneously, and without the reliance of busy staff members. This includes food, drink, hotels, music, events, information centers, press kits, and more. In large cities like Austin, visitor centers can get chaotic and tourists end up leaving without knowing the city’s flourishing culture. As a solution, Holbrook worked closely with Advanced Kiosks to implement a kiosk in the Austin Visitor’s Center.

“It’s being used for tourists and clients when they come into the visitor’s center as a main point of reference. If someone comes in and all the employees are busy, or the visitor would rather find out on their own, they’ll go to the kiosk. I have certain icons set up on the homepage including a tour tab with times and information about the tours. I also have a tab for event planning, so people can see the upcoming events going on in Austin” , said Holbrook.

austin visitor center

Austin Visitors Center has benefited greatly off of self-service technology by providing their clients the ability to serve themselves. It is cost-efficient, time efficient, and ecofriendly. Kiosks have improved visitor satisfaction while keeping costs low, which is something every visitor center can profit from.

Read more about 10 Federal and their self-service solution.



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