Kiosk solutions for an uncertain fiscal future

GSA Advantage Vendor Approval, Solutions in the fight against state revenue shortfalls

Looking back on the 2017 fiscal year, the National Association of State Budget Officers discovered that 33 states reported revenues below expectations. Additionally, the group found that more states endured mid-year revenue gaps in 2017 than at any point since the wake of the Great Recession in 2010. As these states look to shore up their balance sheets, kiosk manufacturer Advanced Kiosks hopes to use its new GSA Advantage vendor status and diverse product line to help cash-strapped state governments lower costs and streamline workflow.

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Kiosk Manufacturer Meeting Quality and Security Demands for Government Contracts

Despite the well-known red tape that comes with the GSA Advantage application process, the New Hampshire-based kiosk manufacturer achieved their vendor status in less than a year’s time. While they were already boasting business relationships with a number of municipal, state, and federal agencies prior to their GSA Advantage approval, Advanced Kiosks embarked on the project with the end goal of bringing its innovative kiosk solutions to the nation at large.

In an era marked by increased demand for services and budgetary uncertainty, Advanced Kiosks’ President Howard H. Horn II believes that his company’s wholesale entry into the world of government contracts couldn’t have come at a better time.

“From revenue deficits to increased workflow, there’s no doubt that government agencies at every level are facing a unique set of challenges,” remarked Horn.  “Luckily, the solutions to those problems -lowering operating costs, streamlining productivity, eliminating wait times and wasteful paperwork- are all things that Advanced Kiosks specializes in.”

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In addition to Advanced Kiosks’ commitment to attacking the cost concerns of its customers, the company also works to ensure that all self-service kiosk solutions for government agencies meet the most rigorous security and compliance standards within the industry. From STIG to FISMA to RMF, the company’s team of engineers strives to customize every kiosk solution for the specific security needs of each individual customer.

Located in the historic mill buildings of rustic Franklin, New Hampshire, Advanced Kiosks is one of the largest kiosk manufacturers in the entire country. It was first established in 2000 as a division of H32 Design and Development LLC, an engineering company.


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