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Happy Holidays from Advanced Kiosks!

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Christmas is coming, and while we’re sure you are excited to spend time with loved ones and exchange gifts, the holidays can be stressful. Decorating the house, putting the lights up, getting a tree, buying presents, getting yankee swap gifts, making sure you have sucked every little drop out of that sweet pine scented holiday, etc.

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It’s crazy. It’s stressful, there is a clear love hate relationship happening.








elf gif

With all this craziness happening before our very eyes, it’s important to take a moment to relax and laugh it all off.








what ryan gosling gif

That’s why this post is not even going to be about the holidays.







christmas dog

It’s just a whole bunch of puppies and dogs (the ones you never got for Christmas all those years ago)









 *drumroll please* 

our gift to you is…


Look at this dog. He doesn’t care about the LOW PRICES SALE happening right behind him. He just wants to wear a nice sweater, and watch a snowman dance. Shouldn’t we all be more like this little pupper?

snowman dog



and this guy. He’s so content to wear some antlers and take nap on a fluffy rug. We should all do this people.


christmas dog.gif2







money dog











trampoline dog


























nyc dog

We’re hoping this put a smile on your face and prepped you for the holidays this weekend. Eat a lot of fruit cake, find a bunch of reindeer tracks, and celebrate with loved ones (including the family pet). As always, thanks for reading! 


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