How Casino Kiosks Engage Visitors & Add Value to Your Casino

The days of the smoky speakeasy gambling parlor where everyone knew everyone else is long gone. From technological advances to political happenings, casino gaming is entering a whole new landscape. These changes undoubtedly present casinos with a host of new obstacles. Now more than ever, the pressure is on to turn every customer into your customer. Because of this, savvy gaming establishments are harnessing electronic casino kiosks to turn these challenges into opportunities.

What are Casino Kiosks, and Why Do They Matter?

The gaming industry is undergoing a massive transformation – and many in it are increasingly turning to casino kiosks to keep up with the times. One prevalent use of self-service casino kiosks is customer reward programs for loyal casino goers. This is another way for the establishment to show appreciation, offer raffles, additional incentives, and prizes for loyal patrons.

With the jump to electronic slot machines, many casinos have automated existing customer loyalty programs by integrating them with their gaming network. By issuing patrons a membership card, every interaction with a slot machine suddenly becomes a gold mine of valuable customer data. Casinos are now starting to use this data alongside self-service kiosks to help better the customer experience.

How to Utilize Casino Kiosks

By setting up easy-to-use customer-facing kiosks in strategic areas throughout your facility, patrons will have a centralized way to swipe their cards and instantly log into their rewards account. These casino kiosks are equipped with casino-specific programs like the ones marketed by Table Trac, a Minnesota-based producer of gaming information and management systems, sold under the Casino Trac brand name. Table Trac utilizes casino kiosks for dozens of resorts and casinos around the country, delivering patrons the tools to review, manage, and spend their rewards points in real-time!

casino kioskWhether it’s tickets to a live show, a comped stay at your hotel, or a free meal at an on-site restaurant, each one of your customers will have a considerable incentive to gamble at your facility and are more likely to keep their business with your facility to continue accumulating those hard-won points.

While we have a wide array of kiosk styles to suit your establishment’s needs, the Freestanding Kiosk model has continued to be the go-to standard for Table Trac and the casinos it serves.

Casino Friendly Kiosk Features Include:

  • Sleek Ergonomic Design
  • Kiosk Management Software for Remote Administration and Reporting
  • All-Inclusive 3-year warranty
  • 19″ LCD Touchscreen Monitor (larger options available)
  • Amplified Stereo Speakers
  • Internet Ready with WiFi & Cat5 & G4 Connections
  • Secure All-Steel Construction
  • Flash Drive for System Restore
  • Small Footprint and Optional Wheels for Portability
  • Add on Options for Printing, Biometric ID, or VOIP as Desired
  • Custom Graphics, Logos, Branding, and Color Choices
  • And much more!

When it comes to casino gambling, risk is the name of the game—but wagering a future without a casino kiosk under your roof? We don’t like those odds one bit. If you’d like to learn more about casino kiosks or interactive self-service kiosks in general, schedule a call with one of our project managers at or call 603-865-1000.

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