Imperial Tobacco Limited HR Department & Self-Service Kiosks

Imperial Tobacco Limited is the leading tobacco manufacturer in the UK. They implemented HR kiosk self service as a means to improve their human resources operations and create a convenient portal for employees to access HR services from. By the time Advanced Kiosks was in the process of collaborating with Imperial, they had already established their own employee self-service software and system and their needs were accommodated accordingly.

Advanced Kiosks is a leader in engineering self service hardware and software that performs and easily integrates with all the major industry specific management software. Organizations using a web based platform to track HR related processes and business operations can make the switch to self service painlessly and quickly with our technology.

Manufacturing companies consistently struggle with accommodating employees at all locations, during all shifts, in getting them the information and support they need from Human Resources. This includes payroll, PTO, benefit information and more. There is a nationwide increase in the adoption of employee self service solutions in every industry but particularly in the manufacturing sector.

The success story of Imperial Tobacco is one of many. Manufacturers are seeing immediate benefits and ROI upon making the change. Find out how Imperial Tobacco used kiosks to advance their existing ESS tools (Employee Self Service) and download your copy of the case study below!

What is the single greatest reason you would recommend our HR kiosk solutions?

“The flexibility in configuration, and the support received would be the two main differentiators we see with your kiosks” – Cian Power.

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If you are ready to embrace the advantages that ESS offers and have a project in mind, please contact us today. Our technical sales representatives are available to guide you in choosing the ideal employee self service solution for your organization.
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