The Information Kiosk Infographic

What is an information kiosk and how can it help my company?

Accessing the right information is important no matter what the situation is, that is why these are an ideal solution for hundreds of applications.
If you have challenges meeting demands of staff, customers or the public at large, self service technology may be exactly what you are looking for!
Advanced Kiosks manufacturers kiosk hardware and kiosk software for dozens of industries.

Please take a look at this awesome infographic to help illustrate the different types kiosks and how they are used! 

Information Kiosk Infographic



These machines are a tool that can be used to provide information that is both efficient and visually pleasing. It helps customers make informed decisions and often increases buy and return for any type of business. At Advanced Kiosks, we can provide our customers with four customizable information kiosk models.


  • ORGANIZATION – Information is easier to organize, search and navigate
  • LESS WORK – Compiling information is less work and can be updated dynamically
  • TIME-EFFICIENT – Accessing information is faster for the user
  • MONEY SAVING – Staffing resources are reduced
  • AVAILABILITY  – Provide information 24 hours a day without fail


  • DIFFICULTY – Harder to manage, update and maintain information manually
  • TEDIOUS – Staffing tasks for maintenance can be mundane
  • TIME-CONSUMING – Maintenance tasks consume time that could be better utilized
  • UNRELIABLE –  Human error, absent employees and business hours can impede accurate and up to date information
  • LESS ENVIRONMENTALLY AWARE – Electronic information storage and sharing reduces waste


Here are some different types of machines:

Compact Power

The Compact Power Kiosk, a top selling wall mounted unit, rugged enough to withstand high usage, 17” built in touch screen monitor, amplified speakers and ADA compliant.


The Freestanding Kiosk is a popular unit with a wide variety of options such as wheels, label or receipt printer, credit card reader or barcode scanner, side table and more. A flexible and popular model for many different settings.

Merchant Max

This kiosk really makes a statement especially in a retail setting. A large vertical screen and colored LED accents make it an unmistakable beacon of information.

Enviro Outdoor

A weatherproof information kiosk for even the harshest conditions. Great for parks, cemeteries or other community-centric venues. The Enviro Kiosk can be equipped with components to operate from 0° F to 122° F

The Document Kiosk

This model is the ultimate multi-tasker for office and industrial settings. Print, scan, copy, email, it does it all! The Document information kiosk is an ideal solution for HR tasks, employee self service and government applications.

The Pedestal

An large kiosk that welcomes engagement and is ideal for lobbies, reception or campuses. The Pedestal kiosk has a massive display which is great for interactive mapping, surveys, directories, products, services or events of all kinds!

These types of kiosks are most helpful for museums, zoos, visitor centers, banks, trade shows, lobbies, employee cafeterias, federal agencies, and more. Almost every type of business can benefit from a self service, informative kiosk. If your company sells products, provides services or caters to large volumes of visitors and customers, then this technology may be a good fit for you.

With an Kiosk from Advanced Kiosks, you also get:

  • A three year warranty that covers the kiosk from the inside out
  • A partnership with an experienced company in business for 15 years
  • Easy to use kiosk management software
  • Internet ready with Ethernet, Wi-fi and Cellular capability


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